Luxury Services that ads excellence at top Hotels around the World

Luxury Hotel brands are taking competitive stances to be ahead in the service catering to guest, for whom “bills” just does not matter. Travel experience offered by hotels is a business strategy to attract rich guest through some intrinsic amenities. Here is a gist of such services offered by global brands throughout their business chain.

Pet Services Spa treatment, room service and beds for pets are being added by luxury brands to offer uniqueness to their guests. In luxury resort such as Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort & Club in Miami, extremely comfortable beds for dogs are provided. Bottled waters, bones and bagels are offered in this resort to pet canines. In Lowell New York, room service exclusively for dogs includes amenities like organic buffalo marrow bone and filet mignon tartar. Services like aromatherapy spray, oatmeal shampoo and paw moisturizers are offered to pets.

Excursions Being guests in some hotels would wipe your worries to explore the unexplored without a travel guide. Guest can enjoy sightseeing and exotic experiences with excursion services. Grand Hotel Europe in St. Petersburg offers a luxury speedboat service to enjoy the view of the city. Moving a stage further, Banyan Tree Hotel at Phuket offers private jet service to remote islands where guest can have breakfast enjoying a pristine sun rise.

Butler Services There are more than 150 unique butler services around the world as rated by International Institute of Modern Butlers. Baby butler services in hotels like Orient Express hotel in Virginia lull the baby to sleep as moms can remain busy enjoying other amenities. They personalize rooms and spaces for baby as directed and be the nanny for a new born baby as long as you are guest in the hotel.

Vintage Vehicles Hotels are offering taxi services. Yes, it is not new, but what about a vintage Bentley or a Rolls Royce taxi. In India, hotel Taj Palace offers ride in vintage car, elephants and camels to guests. JW Marriott in Beijing offers vintage Rolls Royce to escort guest from airport to hotel.