Most expensive private jets, the flying castles

The most expensive private jets have almost equal expenses in luxury customization as the basic cost of the airplanes.

Flying luxuriously is almost a routine for the rich, but flying in the most expensive private jets is for persons who are more than just rich. These planes are certainly for the wealthiest persons in the world. While jets are supposed to be small airplanes, the latest concepts of private jets took its definition to being able to fly with hugely spacious private areas. Well, these airplanes are not only with space, they also have the most expensive luxuries all inside.

They are no less than flying castles. Here are the most expensive private jets in the world.

Airbus A380-Custom (US $500 million)

This custom A380 is better known as the “Kingdom in the Sky”. It is a large Airbus 380 for which Prince of Saudi Arabia Al-Waleed bin Talal paid US $350 million. The rest US $150 million is for the expensive features inside the jet including solid gold throne, a Turkish bath, electronic mats, a customized concert hall, to name a few. The interiors of the plane are all gold plated. There is also a unique garage for his Rolls Royce. A concert hall equipped with latest entertainment facility is also inside this jet. The hall has provisions for 10 persons as well as a stage. Spa facilities and steam rooms are fitted with marble titles. The prayer mats in this jet automatically turns towards the direction of Mecca. There are many other unique luxury aspects in this private jet.

Airbus A340-748 (US $350-450 million)

Alisher Usmanov named his private jet “Bourkhan”. It was his father’s name. This private jet costed a whopping US $450 million. Airbus A340 is priced at US $238 million and the other 150-200 million came up for interiors, technology and security features. In October 2017, Uzbekistan Airways leased this Airbus for their Presidential fleet. This is used as the official carrier of the Uzbek President. The Airbus is registered in Isle of Man and it has a code name M-IABU. This plane has a range of 12,400 km. This private jet is the largest in Russia.

Boeing 747-8 VIP (US $367 million)

Priced at US $367 million, this is the longest and the second largest airliner ever built. Surprisingly, this cost is only for the plane, the luxury customization is in addition to it. The owner of this jet made his identity incognito. As reported, the private jet has two separate lounges, state-of-art design and a large conference room. The dining room in this jet can even beat the finest hotel. There are provisions of fine dining in the jet.

Boeing 747-430 (US $233 million)

The third luxurious private jet belongs to Sultan of Brunei. This jet has a gold-plated interior making its total cost up to US $233 million. Although, the basic price of a Boeing 747-430 is around US $100 million, the rest of the costs were for gold and crystal bathrooms together with other outrageously expensive amenities. An expert described this flying palace as “the set from the original Star Trek as re-imagined by an H.R Giger on happy pills.”

Apart from these four private jets Roman Abramovich, Joseph Lau, Tyler Perry and Donald Trump’s private jets are the costliest ones.

US President Donald Trump has a 100-million-dollar private jet of his own.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is quite notorious in grabbing luxury buys among the Top 10 expensive items on earth. He owns the second most expensive yacht, apart from the fifth most expensive private jet. His luxury Boeing 767-33A/ER required costed US $120-170 million to get up to his mark. The jet has a dinning room for 30 people together. There is a huge master bedroom for the money miner.  Joseph Lau flies in a US $153 Boeing 747-81 VIP. His private jet is named Dreamliner featuring a handcrafted interior. It is reported that the plane contains some of the most expensive items that made it to feature itself as one among the most beautiful private jets in the world.

Tyler Perry’s private jet has a big theater and a big library apart from other luxury amenities. He expensed US $60 million additionally on a 65 million-dollar Gulfstream III to develop it as a flying castle. Present US President Donald Trump has a US $100 million Boeing 757. This private jet has gold plated interiors and even the seatbelts are made of gold. The billionaire installed a 52-inch screen apart from a cinema system and he sleeps in the large master bedroom while flying.