Orange Wine could be your next favorite wine type

Well, there are Red wine, White wine and the lovely Pink wine, but did you know they has another brethren? It is the little-known Orange Wine. The name could be a bit misleading, associating this drink with orange. However, it has nothing to do with any citrus fruit. It got the name from its orange color. Only white grapes are used in preparation of this wine. In fact, any white grape fermented with skin produces white wine.

Orange wine are made from white grapes with their skin dipped for a short time in the fermentation process.

The color comes from the skin and seeds of grapes left during fermentation, as the skin is kept only for a limited time. The fermentation process is similar to Red wine. If the skin is not removed from the liquid, it would turn out as Red wine.

This wine offers a dry sensation inside the mouth as it contains tannin. Contrasting to its name, the wine does taste like orange or any off-beat fruit. The more time the skin is kept with the liquid, firmer it would become. Also, compared to Red wine, orange wine is more acidic and oxidized. The taste would be a blend of mouth drying tannin and notes of almonds, marzipan and honey. This makes it a bit similar to white wine. Therefore, Orange wine could give you the feel of both Red and White wine. As this wine is heavy, it leaves a complexion on teeth. It is advisable to keep teeth wine wipes as an extra caution after drinking.

Orange wine is thick and heavy; thus, flavored foods are best paired with it.

The origin of Orange wine is Northern Italy. The Friuli-Venezia Giulia region is among the most famous regions in Italy. This wine is also produced in some parts of Slovenia.

Orange wine blends fine with a wide variety of foods. As the wine is thick, meat or other heavy options are more appropriate. Choose flavored food, fried options with strong taste to match with this wine. Lobsters, prawns and eggs are also good options. For vegans, grilled and deep-fried vegetables are strong combinations.