Most expensive speakers, a feast for Audiophiles with deep pockets

It is true, money becomes nothing for something we love. But owning many things we like depends on how much money we can spend. It is same for audiophiles and music lovers. The upper limit of expense in speakers is only for the ones with deep pockets. The most expensive speakers come with jaw dropping price tags.

The following are 10 most expensive subwoofers.

  1. Outer Limits Theater from Kipnis ($6 million)
  2. Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure ($4.5 million)
  3. Moon Audio’s Darkstar Opulence ($ 2 million)
  4. Kharma Grand Enigma ($ 1 million)
  5. Goldmund Epilogue Signature Audio System ($1,000,000)
  6. Wisdom Audio’s Infinite Wisdom Grande ($ 5,30,000)
  7. Backes Muller BM 100 ($500,000)
  8. California Audio Technology (CAT) MBX ($500,000)
  9. Sharon “Excalibur” by Acapella Audio Arts ($ 380,000)

Outer Limits Theater from Kipnis ($6 million)

It is the world’s most expensive home audio system. Jeremy Kipnis customized a KSS channel audio system adding Snell subs. This improved the quality of sound magnanimously taking it to heights of realism, clarity and loudness. So is the height of its cost at $6,000,000! This equals to the combined price of a luxury Ferrari, a big home and many other necessities. Now it is up to super rich Audiophiles if they agree to disagree with other luxuries for this home theater by Kipnis.

Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure ($4.5 million)

The Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure was the most expensive speakers of the world in 2012 with a price tag of $4.5 million. Only a single unit of this unusually priced speaker is available. The dual speakers are made of 18-carat gold. Along with them, Hart produced five other sets of silver speakers. They are priced at $315,000 each. There are also 99 pairs of solid phosphor bronze speakers with a price tag of $63,000 each.

Moon Audio’s Darkstar Opulence

This is an award-winning speaker for its unbeatable design. Moon Audio is among the best high-end audio brands in the world. The Darkstar Opulence uses ribbon panel as a part of its design ensemble. A set comprise of two speakers which are with 40 subwoofers each. Each of them is 40 feet wide, making the system the biggest home speaker in world. This system can produce a sound as loud as the sound of a jet plane taking off from the runway with an output of 31,000 watt. Along with all these intricacies, their comes with a 10-year warranty on these speakers. It costs around $2 million.

Kharma Grand Enigma ($ 1 million)

The Kharma Grand Enigma topped the list of most expensive speakers in 2007 at the price of around $ 1 million. Kharma, the Netherland’s based manufacturer, presented only 25 units of its limited-edition Grand Speakers. The company was founded in 1992 and it is headquartered at Breda. The company, however, has a much older history as Oosterum Loudspeaker Systems, founded back in 1982 by Charles van Oosterum.

Goldmund Epilogue Signature Audio System ($1,000,000)

The Epilogue speakers are powerful amplifiers with modular system. It has a distinctive style element producing crisp and crystal-clear sound. The Epilogue series was created to replace the iconic Apologue series. They are built using the latest audio technology in 2011. In the year, it was among the most expensive speakers in world featuring a price tag of $1,000,000. The audio system is created using the Proteus mathematical model. It has full metal construction and mechanical grounding. They are among the best high-end home theater speakers.

Wisdom Audio’s Infinite Wisdom Grande ($ 5,30,000)

Infinite Wisdom Grande are large units of woofers that weights about two tons. The speakers are about 13 feet tall. They are the biggest home stereo in the world, designed for multi-level rooms in large homes and palaces. The company designed these speakers exclusively for halls and ballrooms. Wisdom Audio was founded in 1996. They have several speaker ranges like Sage and Insight Series. The company provides audio system that can be customized as per the area of installation.

Backes Muller BM 100 ($500,000)

The German company is decades old, manufacturing high performance loudspeakers. Backes Muller has been trying to perfect their art and technology to represent perception of sound mechanically. They emphasize on authenticity of sound using several innovative techniques. This half a million-dollar sound system is regarded as a masterpiece of German engineering. An ingenious technology named FIRTEC is utilized to create this speaker.

California Audio Technology (CAT) MBX ($500,000)

The CAT claims their MBX versions as ultra-high-performance audio systems. They are created to blend with any space from office to home. It is built using many exotic materials including HDF, Corian, Avonite, Titanium and so on. The CAT MBX can deliver excess of 21.100 channels. The company has also won several awards including Oscars and Grammys.

Sharon “Excalibur” by Acapella Audio Arts ($ 380,000)

Acapella Audio Arts has been manufacturing high grade audio systems since 1997. But the Sharon “Excalibur” made it famous worldwide. This speaker costing $455,000 is one of the most unusual speakers of the world. It has a unit made of original horn, transformed as a sound system. The speaker is horn shaped and it needs a minimum if space of 40 square meters for proper performance. The horn unit is 12 square meter and it is used to create three-dimensional sound.