Largest ship in the world, Symphony among the five sea monsters

Modern day cruise ships have become synonymous to extravagant leisure or extended holidays.

Ships are the largest moving vessels carrying megatons of goods and thousands of passengers. Ships carrying goods, especially, are the largest ships in the world that has been roving around the world. The size of ships also depends on their application. Different types of ships are used for diverse specific reason, equipped with matching capabilities and features. Ships carry 90% of all transported goods in the world, but there is a price to pay. Since most of these monstrously large vessels runs on fossil fuel, they together contribute a good chuck of carbon footprints. Apart from this enigma, ships are the most efficient way to carry people and goods across long distances.

  1. MS Symphony of the Seas
  2. MS Harmony of the Seas
  3. MS Oasis of the Seas
  4. MS Freedom of the Seas
  5. MS Navigator of the Seas

The saga of large modern-day passenger ships or cruise ships began by the beginning of 20th century with the RMS Celtic. This was a 214-meter-long ship operating from 1901 to 1928 as the largest cruise of the time. In recent times, several ships have exceeded the length of 748 meters as the largest ships in the world. So, what’s the largest ship in the world? Here are the biggest ships starting operations after year 2000.

MS Symphony of the Seas is now the largest cruise ship in the world.

MS Symphony of the Seas

Currently, it is the biggest cruise ship in the world with a length of 362.1 meters. It is owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises, that invested USD 1.35 billion to built it. In service since 23 March 2018, the ship will set sail on October of 2018 from Barcelona of Spain to Port of Miami in Florida. The ship is scheduled to travel from across Eastern Caribbean through cities like San Juan, Puerto Rico. Symphony of the Seas will also sail on Western Caribbean. The ship has a gross tonnage of 228,081 extending across 18 decks, with a capacity of maximum 6,680 passengers. The crew consist of 2,200 persons. Hence, it has a capacity of 8000 persons on board. Amenities in the ship include children’s water park, basketball court, ice-skating and many other recreational facilities. The ship also has a tropical park containing more than 20,000 plants.

A luxury suite inside the MS Harmony of the Seas.

MS Harmony of the Seas

It was the biggest ship in the world when launched for the first time. This ship was on its maiden voyage in June of 2016, travelling from Southampton and Barcelona. The 362.12 meters long vessel can accommodate 5,479 guests. It is among the three Oasis class cruise ships along with its sisters the Symphony and Oasis of Seas. It has many amenities like spa fitness center, swimming pools, hot tubs, ice rink, Bars, theater and so on. Also, it has sports amenities like basketball court, golf course and rock-climbing walls. There are many premium entertainment and consumer brands in the ship. Also, it is with high speed internet. The ship offers 43 types of accommodation including Royal Class suites, and large state of art rooms.

Oasis of the Seas has 18 lifeboats with capacity to board all of its passengers.

MS Oasis of the Seas

When Oasis of Seas was launched in 2009, it was the first passenger ship capable of carrying more than 6000 guests. Until its sisters arrived, it was the largest cruise ship in the world. The ship cruises from Port Canaveral of Florida. Similar to its sister cruises, it has zip-line, casino, bars and lounges, comedy club, swimming pools, volleyball and basketball courts. The ship is with entertainment places, restaurants, fitness centers, boutiques and youth zones. It is powered by six medium speed marine diesel generating sets. It also has solar power for entertainment areas. The ship contains 18 life boats that can together board 6,660 persons.

The Royal Promenade inside MS Freedom of the Seas.

MS Freedom of the Seas

Freedom of Seas is the largest passenger ship ever built featuring the highest gross tonnage of 154,407 GT from 2006 until the Oasis class ships were built by the same company. It is a second-generation voyager class ships with additional cabins. It has a dedicated 24-hour pizza venue along with the main dining room. It features a 136 meters long Promenade called the “Royal Promenade”. This area has many pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants. Freedom of Seas also has three swimming areas and separate pools for adults and children.

Navigator of Seas produces its own fresh water.

MS Navigator of the Seas

Navigator of Seas is a 311-meter long Voyager class cruise ship sailing since 2002. When the ship was launched, it was the largest passenger ship in the world. At present it is the 12th largest ship in the world. The ship can produce its own fresh water. It utilizes three ways to produce it, two evaporators and a seawater desalinization unit. In a day, the ship can produce 2,100 tons of fresh water. The ship displays art worth 8.5 million dollars.

Since ancient times, ships and large liners have been the epitomes of luxury, wealth and affluence. Since they need to travel thousands of miles, passengers had to sail for months. This made integrating extravagant features to these large vessels more than just a necessity. Passenger ships are loaded with plethora of amenities that lets guests to spent their time. Modern day cruise ships have become synonymous to extravagant leisure or extended holidays. They travel across the globe passing through almost all the best coastal cities on their route. Apart from carrying rich voyagers they also carry heavy goods from coast to coast.