Your Handy Guide To French Breakfast Before A Luxury Trip

A knowhow of breakfast in French can get you some of the best moments of your trip

Your handy guide to French Breakfast before a luxury trip

French is a country with rich culinary history. It is still one of the best destinations in Europe to enjoy the delights of sweets, confectionaries, wine, desserts and rare delicacies. Among culinary traits, French diet is almost a vault for foodie travelers. The sophistication in here is worth sharing. This would make your morning encounter with the menu of a French restaurant a moment to enjoy.

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The Morning Encounter With French Food

French breakfast, also known as continental breakfast has a number of specific elements. This makes it rather an uncomplicated affair, in contrast to other sophistications in French diet. It is comparable to a light meal comprising of French bread, jam or butter and the drink. Now, under this three primary heads of a typical French breakfast, there are options to match and select according to your taste or availability. Also, while travelling the country, an aspect to consider is the region you are travelling, which defines the local food. This also the quick answer to the common question, “What is a typical breakfast in French?” There is complete section dedicated to this particular aspect in French foods.

Bread is the basic item in breakfast menu

Bread is always the basic

French bread is the basic feature you should know about. There are three primary options to choose from: the baguette, cracker and the toasted bread.

Baguette is the common form of French bread. The best place to taste the real baguette is from the bakery. If you get it from there, the baguette will be warm, fresh and the smell would naturally get on the jovial feeling in you. There are two types of this bread; normal one, known as “la baguette ordinaire” and the traditional one, known as, “tradition baguette”.

Traditional baguette is smaller than ordinary one. Other important differences are; traditional baguette is always prepared on the spot and it contain no preservatives. Then, there is this thumb rule that they should never be frozen. Cracker, unlike baguette, is hard, so that it crumbles on bite. It is perfect to soak in drinks as it is dense. Toasted bread can be placed between Baguette and Cracker in terms of softness as well as taste. It is toasted on the “grille-pain”, which is a common household cookery in French. They will be more available in any rustic country side rather than cityscapes.

There is a wide option of jam in French

There is a wide option of jam in French

Blending with Sweet or Salt

Coming to the next element of French breakfast foods, is the spreading on the toast. Here as well, there are three options. Jam, Butter and a mixture of both. In French, two bread toast with jam in between is called ‘tartine’. You may use many flavors in your choice of jam starting from strawberry to fig. But when the choice trickles down to butter, there are only two options, it’s either sweet or salted. Although, sweet can be a good option, salt butter blends better with toasts. Furthermore, while using both butter and jam, spread the butter at first, creating the base, and then spread the jam.

Most Frenchmen drinks tea without any sugar or salt

Most Frenchmen drinks tea without any sugar or salt

It’s both hot and cold in drinks

Now comes, “What’s in French breakfast tea?” This is about the choice of drinks with the bread. Generally, the bread is soaked in a hot drink, which can be either coffee or tea. French breakfast coffee is the most common aspect. In coffee a popular and easier option is the espresso. This is simple, but strong coffee and coffee with cream are also the favorites. “Café creme” is considered as an essential in any French breakfast menu. In drinks, beverages and juice are also the unavoidable items. Orange juice, grapefruit or multifruit juices are the most common types. However, it is necessary to remember that both juices and hot drinks are parts of French breakfast recipes.

Pastry is an unavoidable part of French culinary delight

Pastry is an unavoidable part of French culinary delight

Pastry is Unavoidable

Well, lastly, without the honorable mention of the “pain au chocolat” or croissant, any info on breakfast in French is always incomplete. This is comparable to pastries and they are roll of puff paste. The difference between the two are contrasting and an interesting affair. Croissant is buttery and crescent shape, while pain au chocolate has a cuboid shape. This also has two pieces of dark chocolate in it. Another handy tip is to get them fresh from bakeries, like that of baguettes.

French has substantial contribution in culinary world. A trip to this country is supposed to be a food tasting experience as well. The diversity of recipes in this country makes it a hub or European food. This makes a little know how about the local terms and traditions an essential to enjoy these delights to the fullest.