World’s Most Expensive Morphsuit Worth One Million Pounds

A diamond-encrusted suit “Morph-a-million”is the world’s most expensive Morphsuit. Always wanting to push the boundaries, the team behind Morphsuits – the full body spandex costume company – has created a Morphsuit made out of hundreds of diamonds, making it the most expensive suit in the world. The price of £1 million is a reflection of the quality of the diamonds used and the time it’s taken to create such a masterpiece.

Morphsuits is a company in Edinburgh, Scotland. It distributes branded spandex costumes, based on the existing skin-tight garments, which cover the entire body. The company offers over 80 different designs. The company was founded by brothers Ali and Fraser Smeaton, and their flatmate Gregor Lawson.

Morphsuits create amazing costumes for Halloween. The co-founder of Morphsuits, Gregor Lawson said that many people were requesting them to make flashier suits. And so these guys went all the way to create this very flashy morph suit, covered in over 20,000 diamonds.

Though these morph suits look uncomfortable and constrictive, they are actually quite comfortable. One can even see through the material. It is easy to wear and covers you from head to toe. It’s kind of a neat way to remain anonymous at a Halloween party. The suit is made the same way as a regular Morphsuit, using a grey spandex costume as the base, with the precious stones attached later. Wearers have commented it still fits “like a glove” similar to the other suits, and naturally, they ‘feel a million pounds’.

The beautiful costume shines in the lit of Halloween lanterns and looks mysterious and luxurious. A striking costume for the scariest night of the year. It goes well with a spectacular ride to make a big entrance in any halloween party. Of course, it is easy to become the main star of the party, wearing such an unusual and really valuable suit.

The company apparently has over a million fans on Facebook. They make a variety of morph suits, totalling around 80 design options. Have a look at their website and you will really be amazed. They deliver at home as well and there is a money back guarantee policy too.