World’s Most Expensive Diamond Dog Whistle

A Dog whistle is worth of $135,000.

What makes it is so expensive? ACME Whistles, Ben McFarlane, “The sound and tone of every whistle we produce is carefully calibrated, so owners of this new whistle will have the confidence that their dog will respond in exactly the same as it’s been trained.”

ACME the world's largest and most famous producer of whistles has been with us for well over a century, and their whistles are the preferred choice of experts such as the world-class dog trainer Ben Randall. He is not only the dedicated expert who turns to ACME, even David Beckham and Queen Elizabeth II are said to use their whistles.

Recently, ACME along with a specialist team of jewellers in Birmingham's creates for us an exquisite dog whistle! Complete with sparkling diamonds and more, the precious toot probably history's most expensive dog whistle. The new dog whistle is made from sterling silver and has 470 individual diamonds encrusted in it, totaling 12.57 carats and it has taken more than 150-hours to complete, all by the hands of some of the world's most renowned jewellery makers. This dog whistle is not only used to train but itself it needs protection because of its whopping amount $135,000.  

The humble dog whistle is a product that can be considered as truly luxurious as the accessory is made to order and therefore bears a unique design (and price) each. It can be made using the classic 210.5, 211.5 or 212 whistles design and a combination of clear and colored precious stones.

The newest and most adorned whistle ever created is the result of collaboration between ACME Whistles in its 150th year of operation, and a specialist team of jewellers from Birmingham. Commenting on it, ACME Whistles’ Ben McFarlane said: “This has to be the ultimate dog owner’s accessory – pure luxury. It has been designed & manufactured to the highest possible standards, with no expense spared, continuing our tradition of producing the World’s finest whistles.”

This dog whistle is just what every luxury-loving and doting pet parent truly needs!