World Biggest Car – The Four Largest Limousines

Today limousines are not restricted merely to extensions of large, top-of-the-lineluxury automobiles but today they can be, and often are, fashioned from sport utility vehicles (SUVs), vans, or even certain types of luxurious longest cars as often as they are fashioned from large luxury sedans. The limousine industry is worth an estimated $4 billion dollars. Searching for the world’s most expensive limousines is simple enough, but finding the world’s most luxurious limousines is a genuine matter of individual taste. These cars can be anything from a modest, comfortable, elemental formal transport car to the next best thing to a rolling nightclub complete with a bar. Quite literally, there is no single standard for determining the best limousines or the most luxurious cars in the world. Several truck sized limousines are converted as large luxury vehicles.

When it comes to luxury in a car, space and interior area becomes the primary aspects. Space is directly proportional to size of the vehicle. This space and luxury are interdependent when it about to vehicles. Large cars are commonly used as a sign of high status and class. Particularly, the several limousines have been modified as biggest car in the world, making them synonymous to comfort and extravagance.

However, the length of some of these cars are truly outrageous running on more than ten pairs of wheels! Such road trains will certainly need special highways to run around without the discomfort or even impossibility of taking sharp turns. While considering size of cars, the existing designs have made length of the cars the primary parameter. Mostly, Limousines are converted as large vehicles. India is also ahead in experiencing the extravagance of such cars. Limousine car price in India ranges from several lakhs of rupees to crores.

Here, we have listed out the world’s biggest cars, which are also, in fact, the longest cars in the world.

  1. American Dream
  2. Big Blue Limousine
  3. Colossus Limousine
  4. Midnight Rider

The American Dream is a stunningly long sedan with 26 wheels.

American Dream

It is the longest car in the world. It is a huge limousine that set a world record certified by Guinness Book. It was built by famous custom car designer Jay Ohrberg back in 1980. This car is a stunning 100 feet long sedan running on 26 wheels. The car, in fact, is not only for travelling, but much more than that. The American Dream has everything one can dream about a luxury life in America. The car has a jacuzzi, a king-sized water bed, a diving board among other amenities like living room and a lace. What makes this car an outrageous vehicle is the helicopter landing pad. The car also has two separate cabins for drivers. It was also dismantled, but it resurfaced in 2012 for auction. Now the car is undergoing restoration. The American Dream is so big that, it does not clear the basic requirements to be street legal.

biggest limousine car in the world

The Big Blue Limousine is the biggest street legal Limousine in world.

Big Blue Limousine

Named “Big Blue”, this Limousine is currently the world’s biggest car. It is also considered as the most luxurious limousine in the world. The Big Blue is actually a semi-truck, which is converted to accommodate incredible space inside. This big car features a height of 6 feet in its interior, making it similar to a bus. The biggest car has several record specifications making it one and the only of its kind. It is the world’s biggest street legal Limousine.

Amenities in the Big Blue Limousine include 3 separate VIP sections in the back, it has 11 flat screen TVs, 5000-Watt Dolby Surround Sound System and DVD Player. The interior has wooden floor and has several ensembles like strobe lights, lasers, neon lights, star gazer lights, color changing ceiling and so on. It took almost a year to build this limousine car.

big limousine car

Colossus Limousine is almost similar to Big Blue Limousine. It can accommodate up to 30 passengers.

Colossus Limousine

The Colossus Limousine claims to provide a lifetime experience. It is a passenger limousine that provides extravagance service. It claims to be the world’s biggest and most luxurious limousine, featuring almost similar amenities to the Big Blue Limo, including two striping poles. It is also reported to have the fastest responding satellite system, which is able to receive anywhere in the world. The cost of building this limousine equals with that of a cost of an average private jet. It has space for 30 passengers inside.

Colossus Limousine

Midnight Rider is built to offer extravagant party service.

Midnight Rider

Midnight Rider is a 70 feet long limousine, which holds the record as the world’s heaviest limousine as per Guinness Book. This vehicle weights almost 23 tons. Michael Machado and Pamela Bartholemew of California built this limo between 1997 and 2004. It is a Peterbilt 379, modified as a moving epitome of luxury. Apart from its extravagant features, the Midnight Rider has several aspects. It is the only vehicle in world which is built with more than 90% in-house parts.

The trailer is constructed with aircraft quality welds. The car is developed to have a strong platform for party space. It has an interior carpet area of 416 square feet. The car features 40 seats arranged in sperate lounge areas with separate bar, big screens and phones. The Midnight Rider is available for rent at USD 1000 per hour. It comes with five inhouse crews including two drivers, a hostess, an operation specialist and a bartender.

These vehicles are not exactly cars but limousines. Still they can be considered among them following their luxury specifications. Apart from these four biggest cars in the world, there are several cars that fit into this category. Some honorable mentions apart from the above are the Limo Quoter, Civilian Hummer, The Pink Hummer Limo, Boeing 727 Jet Limo among others.

It’s arduous to clarify how limousines got the tag of being the most luxurious cars in the world, however back once it had been 1st introduced in 1902, they didn’t really carry that description by default but there design revealed it all. They are considered to be the world’s biggest cars in the world that was designed like such that the driver will drive outside below a covered compartment. These cars have always been a luxury vehicle that is specifically made for excess. However, some limos take it completely beyond the normal standard of lavish and include outlandish amount of new features, amenities, and tech. Of course, the most souped up limousines in the world are typically the priciest. With featured like
hot tubs, min-pools, and gadgets you wouldn’t even know existed yet, you could probably set up camp and live in some of these limos.