Words of Wisdom From Ines De La Fressange, The 60 Years Old Style Icon

Ines de La Fressange, aged 60, is the best-known style icon in fashion industry

Ines de La Fressange, 60, mother of two, has been an icon of elegant fashion. Her elder daughter is 22 years old and Fressange is still walking the ramp with her youthful grace. She started her modelling career back in 1970s the journey is still on through almost 40 years. Fressange is now based in Paris near the Jardin du Luxembourg. What could be the best place on earth for her other than the fashion capital of the world. She was married to an Italian businessman, but he passed away in 2006. She is naturally one of those handful of celebrities across the globe, who has aged fine, without any tough effort to stay young and healthy.

The substance in Fressange’s style is her simple and easy-going approach to fashion and beauty. Her sophistication are the unsophisticated marks in design and collections she stands for. More than being a model herself, she is the brain behind brands like Chanel. Her approach is simple. In her own words, she does only a couple of photos in any fashion shoot. They come out as simple, elegant, graceful and the classy touch of chic style. Apart from being a model and a designer, she is also a writer. Her daily schedule is a perfect balance between a homely mom, a professional and a global celebrity.

Fressange was the first model to sign an executive modelling contract with Chanel in 1983

A brain behind top fashion brands

Ines de La Fressange set off her high-profile career before 30 years. She started designing with Tod. She became the ambassador for Roger Vivier. This was apart from her job as the long-term strategist from designing stores to products. With Chanel, her relationship is old. Karl Lagerfeld, once told that he could imagine her designing own fashion collection. In 1998, she was named in the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame. She owns a boutique shop based at Left Bank, marketing her own collection of a large array of products from fashion wear to garden tools. She also wrote a style manual, which became a best seller in 2015. In the following year, she collaborated with Uniqlo, the Japanese fashion brand.

She published several books on style and fashion. Her Parisian Chick Style Guide and City Guide were the New York Times bestsellers. In 2017, she wrote another manual named What Should I Wear Today? This was a hit in the fashion market. She says, the success of Parisian Chic has been a strong morale booster for her. The books are her inspiration to get stronger in her perusal of perfection in elegant fashion. Both her daughters are following her footsteps. Nine, the elder campaigns for Bottega Veneta, while Violette already walk the ramp for Chanel as a teenager.

A brain behind top fashion brands

Fressange believes minimalistic styles are the best for grown women

Fressange’s guide to style

Fressange is the best-known style guru, especially for women. She herself is an epitome of agelessness in the age of 60. In an interview she disclosed her secrets to beauty and elegant looks. Per the model, any favorite style caught up in thirties stays for long because at this age people general realize what suites them the most. This style tends to remain for long as after getting older, especially, women does not want to try anything new. However, Fressange thinks, one should not stop experimenting with new looks, including hairstyle and makeups. Although, this does not mean that one should start following her daughter, grown women can still customize young style and fashion to suit them.

The fashion designer and the brain behind premium fashion brands found out that the rich people are not that attracted to style. She said, people with money can afford to buy anything, but it is not necessary to have everything to wear to be stylish. Frassange believes there should be no prejudices in style. She insisted on sticking to simple and chic looks rather than being too glitter and jazzy with fashion wear. This speaks a lot about her own approach towards classy fashion as a secret to remain relevant and trendy for a long time.

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Fressange’s guide to style

Simple dress, smile and meditation are the secret to agelessness, per Frassange

The secret of Agelessness

Her approach towards jewelry is being minimalistic. She pointed out that older women have a lot of rings or ornaments to wear resembling the occasions of their entire life. There has been a trend to wear all those rings from engagement and anniversaries all at once and make their hands heavy. Frassange said, gown women should abandon this habit and start wearing simple design and be as minimal as possible. Additionally, clothes like fur coats and crocodile skin makes one look older. They are better for younger persons. In a nutshell, the right attitude towards style in old age is being simple, plain and minimal.

The 60 years old model disclosed that agelessness is also about the attitude. There is no need to hide ageing and its signs. She avoids artificial makeovers like surgery and recommends the same to all. Per Frassange, it is impossible to hide ageing and it is going thing if one can put on the right attitude towards appearance and style. It is necessary to be more careful about the skin. She said, hair regrows, but skin is permanent. Another important aspect of style is mood. Per the model, one should smile a lot and meditate every day.

It is not such that Ines de La Fressange always walked on the smooth pathway in her life. She even lost the right to use her own name as the brand, which she created in 1991. However, it did stop her for being the insignia of fashion, beauty and style at the age of 60. While others would find ways to retire, Fressaange is finding better ways to live her ageless life.