Witness The Most Precious Paintings That Have Made The History

We commonly know that artists are the people who do not care about money and wealth, but they are mostly driven by passion and expressions. But then, can we put a price on art and artwork? These days, certainly we can! Although it is difficult to say whether the worth of an artist’s work can be determined in terms of money, yet, the fact is that all across the globe the artworks are being bought as well as sold by various art collectors as well as for connoisseurs all for highly exorbitant amounts.

Some paintings are priceless, such as the masterpiece by Leonardo Da Vinci which is considered to be practically one of its kinds to date. Some of these paintings are legendary and being the most famous paintings in the world, are kept at the renowned museums of the world. The people from all across the globe travel to countries just to witness the most valuable paintings in museums and feel the achievement. These priceless paintings are not for sale. However, most of the paintings by modern-day artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, and others are counted amongst the most valuable paintings in the world.

Here we have mentioned some of the greatest artwork and the most expensive paintings in the world and the huge amount of cash that has been paid by art collectors to acquire these masterpieces of some of the greatest artists of our modern times. Unless someone is a billionaire or belongs to a royal family, everything in this list of paintings will be nothing more than a dream! On a positive note, dreams are dreamt to be fulfilled.

1. Salvator Mundi

This painting was created by Leonardo da Vinci and it got sold with a whopping price of 450.3 million dollars. In this painting, he had depicted Jesus Christ holding a crystal orb and is the most expensive painting in the world. This artwork was commissioned by King Louis XII of France in 1605. Almost six years were spent in restoring as well as investigating its history before announcing that the artwork was a Da Vinci original. This was the first discovery of Vinci’s artwork in 1909 and the painting was exhibited in 2011 by the National Gallery of London.

2. Interchange


This artwork was created by Kooning and was sold at around 300 million dollars. His work was inspired by his surroundings while he was living in New York City and the painting was booked with the highest price ever in a private auction. Currently, Interchange is displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago.

3. The Card Players

The Card Players

This is one of the most famous paintings in the world and was created by Paul Cezanne and was sold at a price of around 250 million dollars. The painting was bought by Qatar's royal family in 2011 that paid almost double the existing price record for any masterpiece that has been sold at an auction.

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