Why should you switch to Micellar Water right now?

Micellar Water has a special science behind its effective working. Source: Cinch

Micellar Water is a special type of liquid that can cleanse minute dirt and oil particles from the skin. It originated in France and it is an integral part of skin care in the country. It is a no-rinse cleanser, especially effective for sensitive skin. The name came from micelle, which are tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water. These micelles attract and trap the impurities off the skin. This micellar water washes the skin off dirt, excess oils and make up within the need to rinse. Micelles, in fact, surround dirt and break them down. This allows the skin to remain natural, hydrated and healthy.

This special water has a different texture, which is felt while touching it. Compared to soaps, micellar water does not strip the skin. The reason it grew popular in France is the hard water of the country. Normal water in France leads to harsh, dry and dull skin. As water is hard, it can cause other issue on more sensitive skin. To deal with this complication, Bioderma, a pharma company, came up with the first micellar water in 1995. Soon their product became a hit in the market. By 2017, they were selling a bottle of it in every 2 seconds! It became the latest hit in fashion and other premium beauty brands joined the bandwagon aggressively.

Rinse cotton balls in micellar water and wipe on your skin. It’s easy and fast. Source: Garnier

Per some expert Micellar water is made with pure water and hydrating ingredients like glycerin. It also contains extremely mild surfactants. While using this water, one should allow it to act like a magnet to attract dirt and oil. The standard way to use it is to soak a cotton ball and wipe your face with it. Micelles are attached to the cotton and when they come in contact with the skin, they will pull the tiny dirt and dust particle along with sebum and other impurities. There is no need to wash your face again after cleaning with micellar water.

Beauticians recommend micellar water for acne-prone skin types, because they don’t dry the skin, but remove the debris on it. It is especially effective to avoid clogged pores. Applying it between reapplication of sunscreen is quite effective.

Since the first micellar water by Bioderma, many beauty brands started producing it. (Source: Bioderma)

Since the first micellar water by Bioderma, many beauty brands started producing it. (Source: Bioderma)

Micellar water is the best option to facewash early in the morning. This can be the best alternative to makeup wipes, facewash or even shower in cold days. Another advantage is its portability. A bottle of this water can be taken anywhere while travelling and used as an instant facecare without any bothersome process. Rinsing your face with this water before normal face wash does double cleaning. In certain situations, this could be a real life-saver. If you messed up with your makeup and you need a quick makeover, use micellar water to the previous maquillage. Still, there are review that it does not wipe away makeups like water proof mascara that effectively. The best aspect of micellar water is its gentleness towards the skin. It never irritates and it never dries up the skin.

Now, many brands are producing micellar water. The catch is to find the best one for you as they customized a bit for uniqueness. Although the basic combination is the same, they might contain some additives to personalize better. It is the best and the easiest alternative to conventional accessories like face wash and wipes. It is now the latest craze among divas and fashionistas not only because of its easy nature, but also for its effectiveness.