Why Platinum Jewelry is a status symbol?

Wearing Platinum jewelry is an expensive fad in modern women. Gold has been the priciest possession with emergence of platinum, the latter took away the crown as the most expensive jewelry in the market. It is a naturally white metal and it is used to create jewelries in its purest form. It is a symbol of privilege and is considered much classier than gold. The metal is rarer than gold and it is heavier.

One of the best attribute of this metal being Hypoallergenic. It more unlikely to produce any allergic condition. Also, Platinum is hard and it does not change shape. Therefore, it is possible to blend them with more delicate designs with a surety that the ornaments will remain as it is for a very long time.

A reason Platinum jewelry are costly is the requirement of intensive labor in designing. The metal is difficult to work with as it is hard and less pliable. This offers another special attribute to platinum ornaments. When scratched, these metal does not lose weight, because it is only displaced.

While designing, labors have to apply more force and employ technologies more complicated than that of other rare metals. To create these ornaments, special casting techniques are used quite different from designing gold or silver.

Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold, which is a foremost reason of its high cost. Compared to White Gold, Platinum is of higher standard. White gold loses its color in course of time, but Platinum has no such issues. Also, many people are allergic to white gold as nickel is often mixed as an alloy.

Apart from being high-end jewelry, platinum ornaments have a strong symbolism attached to them. It is a symbol of endurance and durability. The metal has been used as a symbol of high status in the past 2500 years. The first use of this metal was recorded in an old coffin of Egyptian high priest.