When it comes to understanding Hearing, these Beyerdynamic Headphones do the best

No other audio manufacturer, but Beyerdynamic has understood the fact that no two people can have same hearing capability. All headphones are designed in general for all ears, but the German audio manufacturer went several steps further to develop the best-known quality. The new set of headphones is simply the best in the market because it can adapt itself according to the subtle difference in hearing capabilities of users. The new technological marvel is called “Aventho Wireless”.

These headphones create a personalized aural profile and set its audio output to match that profile. Users undergo a brief hearing test for data collection. This data is used to create the profile. Android and iOS-based apps are used for the test. The app named Make It Yours asks age and interacts with the user playing several tones in varying pitches and volumes. The app makes the process is simple and easy, while collecting the data to create a personalized profile. Based on these profile, the headphone creates a specific blend of sound quality.

The frequency response of this headphone is from 10 Hz to 40 kHz. An USB charger is used to charge the headphone. It’s battery life is more than 30 hours. It has a touch-based control panel on the right ear. Aventho’s concept could bring up a new revolutionary idea in the audio manufacturing industry. However, in the current equipment there is a specific drawback.

Although, new audio profiles can be created in a single headset for new users, there is no provision to store the previous setting. It means, if a new user wants to customize the headphone, a new profile will be created. While, this profile is fetched to the headphone, the older setting would be wiped off.