What makes Piano a symbol of social status?

It is digital world today. When it comes to music, wireless speakers, electronic launchpads and voice modulation have become the most pertinent tends. Still, the touch of class and status are tied up hard and fast to a range of vintage musical instruments. As there are some songs, which never grows old, these musical instruments are still very relevant to modem society. Additionally, fashion and trends arrive in circles. The same is with musical instruments.

Piano is among the classiest musical instruments since its origin is around 1700 AD. Its copious elegance is still a craving among people from all sections, especially the wealthy. Piano carries a strong signature of social status. The reason for this are stated below.

  1. The origin of piano is associated with the high society, unlike other wind or string instruments like guitar or the flute. The piano was invented for Ferdinando de Medici, the Grand Prince of Florence by a famous craftsman Bartolomeo Cristofori. It was very expensive and was exclusive to royalty.

  1. The cost associated to own a piano made it a cup of tea for only the gentry and aristocracy. For its high cost, most families could not own this instrument, lest knowing how to play it. Special masters visiting the royal homes were employed to teach playing piano.

  1. Piano require high craftsmanship and knowledge about tuning and fine music even to maintain. It operates on a delicate mechanism of fine-tuned strings, acoustics and mechanics. Thus, even if a piano is owned, the owner must know how to maintain it.

  1. The early pianists like Johann Christian Bach was the personal music master to Queen Charlotte. His fame and the Queens interest became another reason for pianos to become a symbol of social status.

  1. Piano is taught to children to help them grow concentration and self-discipline. It is blend of western classical music that represent a high taste of music.

Today, even if it is possible for the middle class to own a piano, it is only the wealthy section who can own the actual grand piano. Although, electronic pianos are cheaper as well as portable, a grand piano would cost ranges to lakhs of rupees.

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