What makes being a Francophile worth it?

Anybody can claim to be a Francophile, but a true one is worth an intense interest, being an all in one connoisseur. France is the world’s most visited country and there is a plethora of reasons for it. The country with beautiful Atlantic beaches to serene peaks of Alps, gives everything a nature lover carves for. And this is just a bonus to exotic and rustic vineyards across the country. A gist of this country is not enough to realize its magnanimous scale in several fields. It has contributed immensely in arts, architecture, technology and literature.

These are some of the reasons to why there is always a special affinity towards France in every corner of the world is worth every bit of it. It is very natural that a Francophile might be hidden among persons you know. It is interesting to know about France because the more you know about this country, the more you will like it. Here are some interesting aspects about being a Francophile.

A French lover is bound to be interest in culinary and gastronomy

A Francophile is a natural expert in Culinary delights

France’s contribution to the culinary world and gastronomy is immeasurable. Since the last 500 years, the country has been the origin of several delights. This is not only in food but also in wine and drinks. In fact, the modern restaurant org chart is an invention of this country. Therefore, the designations like chef, sous chef, line cooks, waiters and sommeliers originated in French.

A Francophile will naturally know the difference between ‘baguette ordinaire’ and ‘tradition baguette’. Even French breakfast is a subject of delight.  This being the basic, he will know that Champaign is produced only in France and the recipe of Ratatouille. With such awareness, the person can go on and on with lectures on gastronomy. This makes the food expert in a Francophile.

Science and Technology is an integrated part of French history. An interest in the field is a strong reason to be a Francophile.

A person interested in Science and Technology

France is the country where Stethoscope, Photography, Pasteurization, the Parachute, Aspirin and many such inventions were made. The Curies discovered radioactivity, which is the basis of nuclear power. Knowledge about France is incomplete without a gist about these many inventions and discoveries. Thus, being a Francophile would mean a person interested in science and technology.

Loving French also means loving the philosophy and thoughts the country stands for.

An Avant grade person in political thoughts

If someone is a lover of France, it is not without a reason. It is not all about style and passion, it is also about deeper motivation like politics and society. Philosophers and thinkers like Voltaire and Jean-Jacques Rousseau propounded modern political and social thoughts. It is their contribution on which modern political theories are based upon. Thus, a being a true Francophile will mean an ardent interest in politics and society.

French is the icon of modern romanticism. A Francophile is sometimes synonymous to being romantic.

A lover of poetry and arts

Francophone literature comprises of several subject from creativity, philosophy, science and theories. From Marcel Proust to Claude Monet, France have produced many irreplaceable legends the world of literature and arts. A lover of France is supposed to have a strong romantic personality. This is because of the affinity towards creative arts and literature.

Paris the global capital of fashion and a French lover has every bit of it

Francophile would have a strong sense of fashion and style

Fashion is one of the strongest aspect of French culture and society. Paris is regarded as the center of global fashion industry. The city is known as the Fashion Capital of the World. Fashion has a strong root in French history right since early 17th century. It is where perfume was invented. Now Paris is the headquarter of the premium fashion houses including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Pierre Cardin, Dior, Hermes and many more. France is also the home to some of the most prestigious fashion designers in world. Thus, style will at the core of a true Francophile.

These are the basic traits of a Francophile, which would reveal strongly. Apart from these there are other traits as well, but these basics are enough to make the person a total package of graded personality, style, knowledge and with a strong world view. Being a Francophile is much more than one could imagine and this makes being one of them worth every bit of it.

', 'What makes being a Francophile worth it?', 'What makes being a Francophile worth it?', 'Francophile is a person with a special affinity and love towards French, the country, language, and its culture. Being a French lover calls for several traits and interests, which can make the person worth a good interest.