What ‘Black-Tie’ means for Women?

There’s nothing to be confused when you come across an unavoidable situation like an invitation to a “Black tie” event. However, if you are muddled on how to drape around following that specially written dress code, it is better to have a light gist. For men, Black Tie is specific, it is straight forward, but for women, it is a bit complicated. It is because, Black Tie for women has diverse interpretations.

Typically, Black Tie for women means a full gown, a floor-length dress in black color. This is the ideal definition, but when it comes to practicality, the outfit becomes quite sophisticated and informal. It would include jewelries, accessories, the type of heels apart from the choice of gown. Darker the shade of the grown, classier the looks, it is a thumb rule. If you are wearing a cocktail, make sure that it looks elegant and at least knee high.

For wedding events, a formal frock is appropriate. Also, try to avoid black as well as white color. Soft color like pink, tints of red or navy blue is a strong choice. If it is a gala event, wear a floor length gown. In such events, black is most appropriate color, but you may always try out white, red or metallic. Generally, the classic silhouette design is most preferred. For formal functions, the classic palette style is a good choice. Monochromatic color featuring shades like yellow and red will match with the occasion. While, in formal events, white and black color are strong choices, but the style should not be like those of gala events.

There is another term called ‘Black Tie Optional’. This means, you may wear the black-tie ensemble with more leniency. It might be a semi-formal attire, ranging from being a cocktail dress to the formal ones. In such events, ankle length dress is a good choice coupled with standard jewelries. In a nutshell, black-tie for women means floor-length gown or a formal cocktail dress. To be standard, it is always safe to go on with classic style rather than following the latest trend.