Warren Buffet forays to take a bite of Apple

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. revealed there foray into the technology sector with the stake of more than USD 1 billion in Apple Inc. Previously, Warren Buffet, the top Billionaire and the owner of the corporation did invest in IBM, but only for some poor returns. The investment shunned away the voices from other investors that Apple might clog with a lower valuation. With the recent dollop of investment from Hathaway, the company’s balance sheet is reinvigorated. Apple’s business model supposedly attracted Buffet to be with the company. The technology wave instigated by the electronics Manufacturer transformed it in to a consumer oriented business. As of March 31, Buffet’s company had Apple shares worth USD 1.07 billion. However, with IBM, the investment was in the range of USD 12.1 billion, which now plummeted to USD 1.6 billion. The amount is still ahead of Apple’s, but it is expected that, Buffet is more intuitive this time not to reduce, but to increase the share. Apple has maintained a cheap stock,

which enables good in cash flows into the company. Billionaire Warren Buffet will be also turning the focus onto Yahoo. As expressed to CNBC, he would be offering a helping hand to Dan Gilbert to finance a bid for Yahoo Inc. However, he would not be an equity partner. He would take collect and dividends or interest on the financing. He might take an equity stake latter. Sources reported that Mr. Buffet always restricts himself from investing into things he does not understand or that he does not know. He is known to have maintained his decision with the circle of his confidence.