Vested Suites; the classic Combinations of Color and Mix ups

Fashion trends repeat through times coming back to mainstream with or without slight changes. In present times, the riposte of classic menswear is among such trends that are emerging as a conventional contemporary fashion. Vested suits are now a priced collection in wardrobe of every modern man. These garments, in fact, are placed in the ‘Extremely Formal’ genre of menswear. Running pass its ipseity with that of the grown up generation from urban backdrops, the fashion statement has reached the top echelons in modern society. With exceptional charm of its own, the dress just fits in to every occasion. Here are some examples color combinations for these three piece suits to reflect the style at its best.

Blue for the strongest fashion appeal

Blue is an ideal color for vested suits. This classic color is among the top options for investment on these suites. The trend has been on the go for last couple of decades and hence, it is predictable that it would remain relevant in coming times as well. Along with Navy Blue, lighter shades of the color are coming to fore. An underlining reason for supremacy of this color is its “match-ability” with any colors. Pick up a shirt without much attention or get on a tie of random shade. The Blue overlay is going to offer you optimal freedom over the color choice for the rest.

Brown, the strong Option

While blue catches the eye easily, a brown three piece suit can an exception wear for professional events. Brown is another classic choice no less than navy and grey. The color relates to the historical heritage of the design, making it an iconic choice. The color offers an elegant look along with providing a fashion forward feel. Also, a combination of brown and blue is also a classy style statement. Pair a brown suit with a blue inner coat or do just the reverse. It would only increase the depth of the color patterns arousing interests around you. The Dressed Down Format

Although, a vested suit is enough to make the statement of its own, combining it with a careful selection of Shirt and Tie augments the look and feel factors. A denim shirt is a strong option to bring on a light approach to your look. Always pair a denim short with a patterned tie. It makes the combination more relaxed and casual.

The Tweed Details

This is a step further to augment the style. The trend is more of a seasonal customization. Most appropriate for late fall and early winter, the tweed designed three piece suits is the classic trend. Dive into the details of the fashion. Tweed designs calls for more accessories like a silk scarf. This boosts the seasonal touch reflecting strongly on the built up.

The Mixed Move

Want a tough look every day? Get into the mixed move with three piece suits. Mix the color combination randomly among the classic choices. Wear three different colors for three different pieces to bring up a casual touch right at the core of the formal setting. This combination is the easiest of all and it lessens every other formality to wear these iconic suits.