Triton launched a tourist submarine, which gives visitors panoramic underwater views

Triton Submarine is set to give travellers an ocean experience wholly unlike any other, with its new Deepview 24. Silent, eco-conscious, and flanked by large, panoramic windows the newly released Deepview 24 marks a pretty significant turning point for underwater travel experiences.

With unobstructed, LED-lit panormas and a sizable access hatch for easy boarding, passengers can expect to be taken 100 metres undersea, for an immersive experience of the ocean’s various wonders. You’ll be hard pressed to find another underwater vehicle that offers such a breathtaking viewing experience.

Designed to transport 24 passengers, along with a pilot and co-pilot the new sub may just be the most luxurious way to explore the depths of the ocean. And, thanks to an array of ten 20,000 lumen LEDs and amazing panoramic windows (boasting 5.5-inch thick transparent acrylic), it’s almost certainly the best way to glimpse exactly what wonders those depths have to offer.

What’s most exciting is the way Triton Submarine has completely revolutionised how commercial ocean tourism has been for the past few decades, introducing an array of new possibilities, at a time when demand for experience-based adventures is on high. Of course, this isn’t the first time the brand has broken records — just last year, the company made headlines with its Limiting Factor, a $48 million submarine that took Victor Vescovo into the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean ever reached, at over 10,000 metres beneath the water’s surface.

Just as impressive as the features, is the price tag that comes with it — the vessel comes at a cost of roughly $7.7 million, and a waiting period of over a year. If buying your own submarine wasn’t quite on your bucket-list, worry not, as Triton Submarine’s Deepview 24 has thankfully been commissioned by Vietnam’s luxury hotel and resort chain Vinpearl, meaning guest experiences will soon be available at a nearby harbour, on Vietnam’s Hon Tre Island.