Transforming Living spaces with Contemporary and Rustic elements

When it comes to living space, there is always a lot more to think about before actually working on it. The transformation of your apartment, your living room or the décor of your bedroom and kitchen must meet every necessity of daily life. Also, these spaces must fulfill the call of your subtle mind. A common dilemma of choice when it comes to home décor is between modern and rustic design themes. Both of these pull the right strings in every one and both seems mutually exclusive. Meanwhile, an overall modern setup cannot offer the right balance to the mind. On the other hand, a completely rustic design is way less than what a living space need to be in modern times.

The solution to these clashes of choice is to bring the elements from both the setups and create an innovative living space. Here are three ideas on combination of modern and rustic design to set up or to create an amicable living space.

Create a balance with collaboration

The idea here is to create a balanced intermix of rustic and contemporary design elements. For example, you got a steel bed with metal castings and minimal and random design, which have become a code of modern creativity. Now, this bed can be combined with bed sheets that depicts old and rustic fashion. The side table by the bed could follow a Victorian design element. Also, the chairs surrounding the old and heavy table can be overtly contemporary or modern, like mahogany wooden slabs or simple metal stools.

Balancing with color

Color themes create a great impact in design. While bright colors carry a modern aura, dim or dull background offer the feel of oldness. Thus, keeping modern furniture in a dull colored space or with a mural of primitive era makes the place vibrant. It is like ends meeting the beginning and finding a pattern in randomness. Likewise, fitting a room with rustic furniture, while keeping the color themes bright, glittery and with a modern art form, achieve the same transformation.

Copy from created pieces

This is the easiest way, and perhaps the most time saving one. Try to create the theme you watched in a classy movie or in your favorite show. There are designers, who already did the work for you. This would save a lot of experimentation with the space if the space feels good with multiple design elements. For example, follow a science fiction and the décor depicted. Match the color and mimic the type of furniture they use. It is a fun to re-create spaces you saw in your favorite movies.