Top Three Rose Wines From French To Make Your Summer Rosier

While there are several wonders in the world of wine, when it comes to specifics types, only a handful emerges as outstanding. Summer is on peak and for wine lovers, Rose wines are just irresistible thirst-quencher of the season. While other parts of the world are not lagging behind in their own kind of Rose wines, French provinces are the legacy lands of wine makers. Among many types of pink wine, here are the three best French wine types which would satisfy your taste buds.

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The Chateau Peyrassol has centuries old legacy dating back to 12th century.

Chateau Peyrassol Rose

This high-quality wine comes from the picturesque hills of Provence. The brand’s legacy dates back to 12th Century, evolving since as the top wine producer of the world. This wine is perfect for any hour of the day and with or without food. This can be paired with a variety of options from your morning coffee to smoking a joint.

This wine is maintained to offer the best organic taste and quality exclusive to the delicate Mediterranean environment. The vineyards are devoid of any fungicides and pesticides using only organic foliar sprays and sheep manure as fertilizer. The strict condition of manufacturing only allows 25 to 40 hectoliters of wine per hectare.

Chateau Minuty has a blended taste of peach and candid orange.

Chateau Minuty Cotes de Provence

Chateau Minuty uses a unique mixture of grenache and cinsault. It also has the blended tastes of peach and candid orange. The estate located in South French is being owned by the Matton-Farnet family in the last 80 years. The Chateau Minuty is an essential wine for your home collection or to spent a time at a restro-bar. Vinification of this blend is done by direct pressing, and under rigorous settling at low temperature.

The color of Cotes de Provence Chateau Minuty is light and bright pink. This variety of wine forms a perfect pair with any local cuisine. Still, pistou soup, raw vegetables, grilled meat, apricot pie and prawn skewers are recommended.

Julien Braud Forty Ounce Rosé

Forty Ounce wines has a special aspect attached to its production. It is made by hand using traditional farming and vinification methods. Grapes from Muscadet and Touraine are used to prepare this variety. With most of Gamay and Merlot, it also has Cabernet Franc in the mixture. This is perfect choice for any outing in countryside in summer settings. Pair it with barbeque or grilled options.