Top Five Luxury Fashion Brands for Men

Clothing is said to speak on personality and especially for Men, it is the best way to express without speaking a word. Luxury clothing has been dearer to Men in the rich echelon of the society. Brands ensure that the ingenuity of fashion is intact with the person that chooses to wear it. The market of Luxury fashion for men is growing worldwide. At present, the top brands in fashion are established in the market offering products for both Men and Women. Here are the top five luxury brands for Men although they are not exclusive. Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani is the top brand for Men’s fashion that has been in business since long. The company designs, manufactures and distributes the products all by themselves. Foraying into many products for both Men and Women, its principal offerings are clothes. It has a number of sub brands like Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans. The brand has been producing ultra luxury clothing and accessories like watches, shoes as well as cosmetics. The brand produced the first Bomber jackets during WWI. Menswear collection was released for the first time by the brand in 1970. Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation It is one of the most famous fashion design brand in the world, founded by Ralph Lauren in late 1960s. The designs and motives of its products are inspired mainly by an American attitude and sophistication. The first product from this company was the wide ties for men. They expanded to produce the entire range of Menswear and gradually included women products. Polo has a unique presence in the market of luxury fashion with ranges of Menswear, Womenswear and Childrenwear. The Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation is a brand of high standard in luxury wear section.

Hugo Boss The brand is known for innovative design and creative motives in clothing. Hugo Boss has been maintaining stringent standards producing high quality products. Clothes and accessories by the brand stand out for its genuine designs and a distinctive signature. It has brought contemporary designs and high detailing in its products settling as a mainstream brand in luxury fashion market.

Gucci Gucci is a well known brand in luxury fashion for its exclusive fashion products for women. However, the products for Men rolled out by the brand are also equally prized. This made the brand a top choice in luxury fashion for Men and is used by celebrities and fashion leaders across the globe. The company was founded in 1921 and under the leadership of Tom Ford and Frida Giannini it became a top title in fashion world. The brand is known for its products that are with excellent sensual aesthetics and retro looks.

Dior The brand from Paris is now among the most coveted fashion wear for Men. Dior is behind of reason of Paris being among the top names in fashion industry. The French designer Christian Dior produces for both Men and Women and he have brought up a revolution in the fashion market. Dior has been the top option in fashion and daily Men’s wear.