Top Five Expensive Travel Destinations in World


A tourist destination is something that holds the unique aspects of natural or artificial exquisites. It is either the natural beauty that attracts visitors or the landmark achievements of human that makes a place worth a lifetime visit. However, there are places that are simply not accessible for all, at least not as tourists. It is because they can make such a hole in your pocket that cannot be filled. Hence, they are the places where only the money magnets can be the honored guests. Five of them are here:   Oslo, the Nordic Capital The city is full of Scandinavian charms and the rich heritage of Vikings. Surrounded by scenic snow clad mountains, Oslo is carpeted with colorful buildings. The city is safe and is fluent in English. Norway is the most expensive Scandinavian nation that is rich in oil. The tourist industry in the nation is about 70% more expensive than the global average.

Musha Cay, Bahamas

Bahamas is well known as an exclusive holiday destination for only the rich. Musha Cay is one among 11 islands in Copperfield Bay of Bahamas. The island can be only rented, which would cost about $40,000 for a night. The money would bestow the visitor the power to decide who would stay in the island and who would not. The resort is only for 11 visitors in one time. The attractions other than these Kingly treats are deep sea diving, deep sea fishing, personal fireworks and customized treasure hunt.

Dubai, the Desert Capital

It is a good destination for someone who wants to burn money. The city is simply for the ones who can afford it. With manmade island to the tallest structure, the Burj Al Arab, the city is a place to cheer. Dubai is money centric and the available past times would be renting a helicopter or a yacht. A hotel suite might cost around $20,000 if you are going to the luxury side.

Tuscany, the Pre-Roman Heritage

Tuscany has something which is rare. It is the center of Pre-Roman artifacts and history, in contrast to other cities that boast of Roman heritage. The hotels here are, in fact, ancient villas converted to lavish suits. Tuscany has a rural flavor and is famed for its vineyards. Still the buildings, which are actually barns in remote locations, would cost around $3000 or $4000 a week. Moreover, the truffles would bring out all that you have in your wallet with its gastronomic aromas.

Seychelles, the Island Escape

Among the group of island that comprises the Island country, Fregate has added a new dimension to luxury and lavishness in tourism. The special hideaway is with 17 villas, all stuffed with lavish luxuries. Ocean views, Jacuzzis, Mahogany and African teak just add to its natural glare. The resort is committed to preservation of nature and the attractions are hidden within its jungles. Guest can adopt a giant tortoise, hike and have some wind surfing. Villas are rented for a minimum of 3 days starting around $3000 to $1000 a day.