Top five expensive Foods in the World

There are foods that are affordable only for the rich. The rich spends in these foods only because they can. Foods become expensive when they are rare or the production process takes much time. These foods are certainly rare like their unique taste that is just irreplaceable. Here are the top five cuisines that grace only the plates of the rich.

  1. Foie Gras, the French heritage

Its taste is similar to that of Offal. It has a soft and smooth texture, which makes is a dearest item of rich foodies. Foie Grass is paired most of the times with wines of equally high value. It is made of liver of goose or duck specially reared for the purpose. The French cuisine is served being cooked as mousse or delicious parfait. It is a French delicacy and is stated as a gastronomical heritage of the country.

  1. A delight from china, Brown Lipped Abalone

It is the most expensive shellfish in the world. It has a good history of being the first gift to Korean Emperors from their Chinese counterparts. It is a cuisine genre and is prominent through whole of Asia. Rated as the best seafood in the world, it taste like sushi and has a sweet flavor. The meat of the sea spices looks intensely perfect when cooked and served. The ingredients offer an enhanced look of the dish. The taste is augmented with the delicious and intricate look of the dish.

  1. Almas Caviar, the Historic Delicacy

The Almas Caviar is a rare delicacy because of its exclusively scarce and rarity of the fish that produces it. It is extracted from the albino beluga sturgeons that are only found in the Caspian Sea near Iran. At present, there are only a few of these species living as they are born only as a genetic disorder. These eggs are found from sturgeons that are more than hundred years old. In Russian, Almas means diamonds and so are these delicate cuisines. Older the fish, more elegant, spongier and aromatic are these eggs. It is rare and is served only in selected restaurants throughout the globe.

  1. Saffron, the Golden Spice

These purple flowers bloom only once in a year. The reason Saffron is expensive because it is only the stigma of the flower. Saffron is a type of spice and it is harvested by hand. Its labor intensive production is also a reason for its high price. To yield just a gram of saffron, almost 150 flowers are required. The flower grows only in the climate which is a mix of dry summers and cold winters. A pound of this spice could cost around $2,000 to $10,000.

  1. Birds Nest, the exotic Saliva

These are the nest of a bird Cave Swiftlets, are found only inside the rock walls of dark caves. These birds build the nest out of their sticky saliva. The nests can be harvested only by undertaking life risking ventures into these caves using high ladders. The cuisine contains high minerals and it is believed that the cuisine can cure lung disorder and even can increase longevity. It is only found in South East Asia.