Top Expensive Paintings Of The World

Can you ever thought how much is the most expensive painting in the world would cost? There are many valuable artworks with price tag over USD 100 millions for one painting. The price of these expensive artworks simply raise with time as almost all authors of the most expensive paintings ever sold have passed away and won’t be able to create something like this ever.

Here is the collection of top 5 most expensive paintings in the world.

1. Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi”, $450,300,000

The most expensive painting ever sold in the art history went for just over $450 million in 2017 at Christie's auction house in New York. The painting was supposedly painted by Leonardo da Vinci (many critics believe otherwise). It presents Jesus Christ dressed in Renaissance garbs and bestowing benediction, his right hand raised with two fingers crossed while holding a crystal ball in his left hand. The glass globe in his hand symbolizes crystalline spheres of the heavens – Christ is shown to be the savior of the world and the master of the cosmos.

2. Willem de Kooning "Interchange", $300,000,000

Interchange is an oil-canvas painting by the Dutch-American painter William de Kooning who belonged to the school of abstract expressionism. The large-scale work, measuring 200.7 by 175.3 centimeters, was sold in September 2015 for $300 million US. This abstract landscape commanded the highest price ever paid in a private sale for an artwork. Interchange remains on display at the Art Institute of Chicago.

3. Paul Cezanne "The Card Players", $250,000,000

The painting had been bought by the Qatari royal family from the Greek shipping magnate George Embiricos for a whopping USD 250 million in the year 2011. This painting is one of those classic images that you surely would not fail to recognize. It is an image that has been seen in coffee table books, luxury good magazines and art history curricula for many years now.

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4. Paul Gauguin "Nafea Faa Ipoipo (When Will You Marry?)", $210,000,000

The year was 1891, and it was the first time Paul Gauguin traveled to Tahiti, starting his love affair with the country and its women. The French Post-Impressionist artist Paul Gauguin an inspiration to many modern artists painted the post-impressionist Nafea Faa Ipoipo (When Will You Marry?) in 1892. Depicting two women sitting among a colorful landscape of gold, green and blue, the artwork sold in February 2015 by the family of Rudolf Staechelin in a private sale. The buyer? Sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad Al-Thani who paid close to $210 million US for the work.

5. Jackson Pollock "Number 17A", $200,000,000

While it may seem difficult to believe that a painting of chaotic lines and splashes could be one of the most expensive paintings of all time, that’s exactly the case with Jackson Pollock‘s Number 17A. Painted in 1948, this stunning drip painting features a variety of bold colors such as yellow, red, orange blue, along with some white and black splashed about. The painting in September 2015 by the deceased abstract expressionist sold to billionaire Kenneth C. Griffin for $200 million US.