Top Designer Cufflinks – The Adorable Fashion Accessories for Men

Cufflinks were used in 20th century France as a style accessory for men.

Cufflinks are stylish accoutrements that has root in traditional France. Although a major fashion accessory for men, only persons with definitive style statement are familiar with it. This makes an introduction to these little things a necessity. Cufflinks are decorative metallic fashion assortments that are fastened on a dress shirt to replace buttons, especially on the wrists. They were developed before 1950s when men became more interested in adorning themselves with several pieces of style accessories like rings, tie bars and so on. It is true that these accessories are just more than their functionality, offering a finishing touch to masculine style.

Cufflinks were popular in early 1900s, but the trend declined gradually with the rise of middle class. It was impractical to work wearing cufflinks. With time, it went out of fashion, becoming an assortment only for the nobility and celebrities. This is when they transformed as a sign of posh fashion and class. Now, expensive cufflinks not only depict high society fashion, but also express about wealth. Several luxury fashion brands offer designer cufflinks, that ranges to several thousand dollars. Some top luxury cufflinks brands are Cartier, Burberry, Dunhill and so on. Apart from these designer cufflinks from Montblanc, Harry Winston, Links of London presents the expensive cufflinks.

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Paul Smith cufflinks has a special style element of funky design.

Top Cufflink Brands

There are certain brands that specialize in producing their own unique designer cufflinks. Their products feature significant traits, which makes the design distinct. Some of the best cufflink brands are Paul Smith, Simon Carter, Dupont, Alexander McQueen, Mulberry and Ted Baker, apart from those mentioned before. Burberry cufflinks are more about straight style statement as they are characterized with a big and clearly recognizable logo. They bear a sense of British fashion. Alfred Dunhill or simply Dunhill cufflinks, on the other hand, often feature precious gemstone like diamond, sapphires and other semi-precious gems. Swiss brand, Montblanc is known for its precision and elegance.

Links of London lets customization with initials and special dates. Among its other designs, the silver oval cufflinks are the most popular ones. Another popular cufflink brand, Paul Smith has a unique style and expression element. They are funky, matching with any choice. They come with several designs like racing cars, stripy pencils and so on. Simon Carter produces affordable range of cufflinks with diverse themes like animal, plants, origami and others. Dupont, again, are highly expensive designer cufflinks that can be passed on to the next generation. Dupont cufflinks are often made of diamond and other precious stones.

The Jacob & Co. Diamond cufflinks are the most expensive in the world.

Most expensive cufflinks

Several designer cufflinks brands produce their own flagship designs. Although small in size, some of designer cufflinks come with startling price tags. They are just rare delights, which are more of an investment rather than style.

World’s most expensive cufflinks are not from any of the top designer brand but from Jacob & Co. Canary, a Diamond jewelry company. This pair is with a jaw dropping price tag of $4.2 million. It is an 18-carat gold jewelry with a 21-carat yellow diamond. It also has 10.76 carats of baguette cut diamonds surrounding the central piece. Clearly, it is only for those who has no concern about expenses. Jacob & Co. Canary also produced another pair of cufflinks, following its yellow diamond piece. It is with a price tag of $601,428, which is justified with two massive diamonds weighting 6.05 and 5.90 carat. Apart from these, these cufflinks have smaller baguette diamonds like its sister, weighting 4.52 carats. The frame is made of 18 carat white gold.

The third most expensive cufflinks are in fact a 19th memorabilia. It was gifted to King Edward VIII by his wife Wallis Simpson. Their love story is perhaps the most memorable of the century. The King of England abandoned his throne for the love of his commoner American wife. The cufflinks were actioned at $50.8 million at Sotheby’s in 1987. Latter, it was re-designed by Cartier and sold to Syrian billionaire Wafic Said.

While wearing cufflinks, one should know that they too come with formal and informal designs. The type of occasion you are wearing for will determine its choice. Cufflinks are appropriate for formal social events like wedding, gala or even a high-profile business meeting. Although there is a wider range of choice, cufflinks should always match with your style and dress combination for the best fashion statement.

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