Top 5 Plants to grow in your Restroom

Indoor plants create a natural aesthetics in homes.

Indoor plants have many advantages if they are kept alive. Apart from cleansing the air off toxins, indoor plants can release aromas to make the interior more breathable and soothing. These plants add to the interior decoration of homes massively. Plants changes the mood and creates a strong sense of aesthetics within the house. However, picking up any plant might not work, or they may worsen the situation releasing odor or strong smell. Leaving the rest of the house, here we have listed some plants that can be kept inside the bathroom.

 Aloe Vera has many health benefits apart from being a beautiful plant.

Aloe Vera: This plant is quite easy to grow and they can blend with any interior decoration from traditional to contemporary. It purifies the air and has many health benefits and skin care. They need a little care to grow. Place it near the window, so that it can get enough sunlight. However, Aloe Vera might not grow well under direct sunlight. The plat also comes in different color, shape and sizes.

ZZ Plant is easy to grow and maintain. They need less water as well as sunlight.

ZZ Plant: Also known as Zanzibar Gem, Welcome Plant and many other names, the ZZ Plant has dark green leaves with tough and shinny looks. It is also an easy plant to grow. It needs low light and scanty water to grow. Even watering them once in every 2 or 3 weeks is enough. They are shiny and there is absolutely no need to spray it. Don’t keep this plant under direct sunlight.

Pothos has shinny leaves making them the natural favorites for interior décor.

Pothos: Pothos are all time favorites, as they are available in several colors and leaf patterns. They gown in low light, while being easy to care. They need watering only in 7 to 10 days. They are excellent recyclers of air, which makes them the first choice for commercial places like hotels. They are proven to have removed toxins in paint, plastics and carpet. Another advantage is their versatility in décor. They fit to any type of design like table, hanging pots, file cabinet etc.

Boston Fern are perfect choice for bathroom as they need moist air condition.

Boston Fern: They are easiest ferns to grow. They grow at a temperature of around 13 to 24 degrees centigrade. Hence, the coolest place in your home would be the best spot to grow this plant. Also, they are best for bathrooms because, ferns need a humid condition to grow. You may keep it hanging by the basket or also placing it on a tub. Since it need moist soil to grow, water it regularly.

Orchids are extremely delicate and beautiful flowering plants, making them as a luxury option.

Orchids: Orchids are signs of luxury and beauty. They are sensual and can be extremely delicate. This sophisticated flowering plants can be tough to grow in all conditions, but their variety makes the task easy. Most of them needs watering once in a week, while in bathroom, the moist condition makes it a better place. The amount of light depends on the type of orchid.