Top 5 Paintings on Antiques Roadshow’s latest “Most Expensive” list

Paintings; may it be portraits, landscape, abstracts or any random moment, has been always a center of intense aesthetics. They appeal to the mind in such a way that the effect is certain to take anybody out or reality or a vice-versa. The metaphorical appeals in famous painting make them mysterious enough to become center of attraction. This is the reason, paintings have been always among the high-priced items in any auction, art or antiques show.

Antiques Roadshow, a well-known television show from Britain, came up with its latest finds in its recently resurfaced series. Apart from other antiques and collectibles, several paintings were placed in its list of 20 most expensive items. Here are the top four paintings as per its latest record.

Van Dyck Painting of a Magistrate

It is a portrait of a Magistrate of Brussels. Per authorities, it was painted by Van Dyck, the court painter in England under King Charles I, somewhere back in 1634. It is believed to be a part of Van Dyck’s preparation for his work showing seven magistrates. It was bought for only 400 pounds from a Cheshire antiques shop. It was first identified by expert Philip Mould and was verified latter by Dr Christopher Brown as genuine. In Antiques Roadshow, it was revealed as the most expensive painting worth 400,000 pounds.

Portrait of Leopold Lowenstam by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

An expert acclaimed that this painting is the “best picture we have ever seen on the Roadshow in its entire history.” It was a wedding gift from Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema to his friend Leopold Lowenstam back in 1883. Reportedly, the value of the painting per Antiques Roadshow is between 300,000 to 450,000 USD. Alma-Tadema is regarded as one of the most valuable Victorian artists. Back in 2010, his largest painting, The Finding of Mosses fetched USD 36 million at Sotheby’s New York.

The Sunlight Scene by John Lavery

This painting has a strong impression of Degas and Manet. It was first bought between the first and second world war by the owner’s grandfather as a gift to her mother. Lavery, the Irish painter, lived from March 1856 to 1941. He is famous for his wartime paintings.

Sir William Orpen’s portrait of his mistress

The painting valued at 250,000 pounds is by Sir William Orpen, the First World War artist from French. This painting has long and interesting story. Orpen painted his mistress and called the painting A Spy. When it was sent for censorship, a Lieutenant was alarmed as several spies were executed at the time. The painter was summoned to London and he had to explain by creating a bluff. After acquitted from the case, the painting was renamed as The Refugee.

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