Three Impressive Health-tech gadgets to watch out this Summer

Healthcare has been always dependent on technology. Apart from core instruments and methods used in treatment and diagnosis, tech gadgets have been inseparable elements in healthcare. However, as technology has advanced to new heights, their usage has become more generalized. Healthcare gadgets have become essential luxuries with growing awareness and relevance of personal healthcare.

Especially, with development of wearable technology, health monitoring has taken a giant leap. Loads of gadgets head out in the market with special features. Some of these turn as essential lifestyle accessories. Here we have picked three such gadgets that hot the market at the latest this 2018 summer.

Air Louisville

Air Louisville is a device to crowdsource environmental data. This wearable device helps to understand the air quality of a certain area to tract any respiratory pattern or distress in a community. This tech-gadget has been in use since 2015. It used sensors for different aspects of air, like weather and pollutants in air. The device can create hotspots of any respiratory pattern, which assist medical study and research. Reports from Air Louisville is a big leap in open sharing of data, which can further enable public policy making.

L’Oréal UV Sense

This is a smart battery-free sensor that can fit on fingernails. It is nine millimeters in diameter and two millimeters thick. This wearable device measure UV exposure for up to two weeks. Users of this device can measure the amount of UV rays they are exposed to throughout the day and take precautionary measures accordingly. It is an essential device that can be imperative to protect skin. It NFC enabled and the data can be downloaded in smartphones.

KardiaMobile and KardiaBand

KardiaMobile is a device that diagnose atrial fibrillation, a serious heart rhythm disorder. It can bring out readings and analysis equivalent to ECG test. The device can read heartbeat of a person when placed on fingertips. It analyzes if any irregularity exists in the pattern. The KardiaBand, on the other hand, uses Apple watch’s heart rate sensor or continuous monitoring of heartbeat.