This is Bond’s, James Bond’s…, Aston Martin from Spectre bags USD 3.4 Million

As Bond is a nightmare for villains, so are his gadgets. Especially his Aston Martin, the heartthrob for Auto lovers, has been a serious attraction. The car in Spectre which the 007 agent drove was recently actioned at Christie’s. The only piece for sale was among ten limited version Aston Martin cars specially produced for filming. The car was actioned for USD 3.5 million running pass its estimate of USD 1.4 million. With the money, which will be all donated to charity, Mr. Bond once again seem to accomplish an esteemed mission. Charity foundations like Medecins San Frontieres and other will reap the aid.

Aston Martin has a 50 year old relationship with 007. The luxury car company is in collaboration with Eon Production since the early works of 007 movies. Till date, the company manufactured 10 Aston Martins for the series that are unique as the famous spy himself. The cars are produced in close collaboration with the movie producers. The DB10 was developed with insights from Sam Mendes, Director of Spectre, to attain the uniqueness of presentation and appeal.

DB10, the Aston Martin in the latest Bond movie, can attain the speed of 60 miles per hour within just 4.7 seconds. The top speed of the car is 190 miles per hour. The body has a streamlined structure and its weight is less than the previous versions. The first of the family was featured in 1964, when Sean Connery played the role of 007 Spy. Along with the car, Eon Production has auctioned 23 more collectibles. This includes personal donations from Daniel Crag and others from the movie crew. Watch, sunglasses and cuff links wore by Crag in Spectre were featured among the auctioned accessories. Although biddings for the auction was received through online channels and by phone, only selected personalities were invited to the event.