Things to know while ordering a Martini

Martini is one of the classiest cocktails. Ordering a martini is an impressive gesture to reflect a high personal taste. However, one should know how to drink and customize it with a combination to match your choice. This calls up for certain terms and features associated with the drink. Else, the bartender could appear quite confusing, while you might end up with a wrong choice of martini. The best way to enjoy this acclaimed drink is to know the specific terminologies associated with it.

There are four primary aspects to detail while ordering a Martini. The bartender will offer four basic sets of choices. First, it’s a Gin Martini or a Vodka Martini. Second, if it should be dry, perfect, or wet. Third, if you need it shaken or stirred and lastly, the choice of glass. These refers to how the drink is customized for you. In addition to these, the choice of garnish is an obvious question.

Choice of drink; Gin or Vodka

The base alcohol of martini is either a Gin or Vodka. Typically, it originated with gin, but latter Vodka also become relevant as the primary choice. For first time drinkers, gin martini is a great choice. Also, it would offer the classic taste of martini. Gin makes martinis flavored and you might select the choice of your flavor while ordering a Gin martini.

Vodka Martinis became popular after 1970s, when it was featured alongside with the iconic James Bond. Vodka martini would not have a flavored taste of herbs. This is a good alternate for those who does not like the aroma of herbs or flavors associated with gin martini.

Type of Martini; Dry, perfect or wet

These are the three types of martini based on the type and quantity of wine used to prepare it. The wine used to prepare this drink is called vermouth. It is a special type of botanicals flavored wine. This is the ingredient which create the sweetness or bitterness of a martini.

Dry Martini means lesser amount of vermouth. It would be only with a slight drizzle of wine. If you really want no wine at all or only a couple of drops of it, order an “extra-day” martini. The next type is Wet, it means, more dry vermouth. On the other hand, a perfect martini is prepared with equal amount of vermouth and the base alcohol.

To shake or to stir

A cocktail shaker is used to mix the base alcohol with ice, before pouring into the glass. If you order a Shaken martini, the alcohol would be shaken in the cocktail shaker with ice. While a stirred martini is prepared by stirring the alcohol with ice for about 30 seconds in the shaker. Stirred martini is smoother to drink and is devoid of ice shards in the drink. On the other hand, shaken martini is the more stylish version of the drink.

Choosing the glass, ‘Up’ or ‘on the rocks’

Martinis are served either in a tall martini glass or in a tumbler over ice. An obvious way to choose this deciding the comfort of drinking it. If you are seated comfortably in a table, ordering any of it does not matter. But if you prefer to carry the glass walking or standing while drinking, the Up martini is naturally not the choice. Up martini is served in a martini glass, it is typically without ice. While, on the rocks is served in a tumbler glass which is comfortable to hold around. Also, while preferring to drink a dry martini, ice cubes over it would not be a better choice. Although martinis look perfect in martini glasses, there is no restriction is drinking it in other ways.

Adding a Twist

The garnish is an unavoidable part of a martini. It is called Twist and it is either an olive on a skewer or a small slice of lemon. When you are asked, ‘with a twist?’, you may answer, ‘with lemon peel’ or ‘with an olive.’

These are the basic terms associated with martini. Understanding these would allow to order a perfect martini as per your choice.

The three major types of Martinis; Dirty, Gibson and Vesper

However, martinis have evolved with several standard variations. There are three major types of martinis: Dirty, Gibson and Vesper. The difference is the type of special additions. A Dirty martini is with a splash of olive juice, Gibson martini is characterized with a twist of pearl onion instead of classic garnish like lemon or olive. Vesper martini is a special creation of the Casino Royale, the James Bond series book. It is a mixture of both gin and vodka, with a third addition of either Kina Lillet or Cocchi Americano. The latter two are special types of aperitif wine.

For first timers

For first time martini drinkers, the traditional blend is always a perfect choice. Martini with 3:1 ratio of vermouth with gin is appropriate. Other choices are stirred and straight up.

Martini is acclaimed as the only “American invention as perfect as the sonnet” and with words like “elixir of quietude”. There are reasons for such great accolades. These are the same reasons that makes this particular drink more than just a cocktail. Without trying a martini, the taste of drinking is incomplete.