The Youngest Billionaire of 2016

It is a quite a fortune to be in the Forbes lists of billionaires in the age of nineteen. Such fortune has strike Alexandra Andresen, the youngest billionaire in the world. She is the heir to the family business with a stake of 42.2 % of the private company. The value of her share in the business is USD 1.2 billion. The incredible amount of wealth was known only recently as they are now taxable as per the regulation for being in the age above 17. Katharina, her older sister is the second in the lists of youngest billionaires with equal amount of stakes in the business. The wealth of the family has been enormous since generations.

The tobacco factory, J.L. Teidemanns, was bought by Johan Henrik Andresen in 1849. He was her predecessor three generations back. The company grew as the top cigarette maker under him. In 2005, due to ethical reasons, the family sold the company for USD 500 million and they forayed into other industry like Security, Real Estate and Hedge Funds. Alexandra-Andresen Alexandra is has just completed her high school. She is among the most accomplished horseback riders in Norway and is busy collecting trophies across Europe. Living in Germany, she is sponsored in dressage by Kingsland. Her elder sister, Katharina, is a student of Social Science at Amsterdam University College. She was with the Fred project for targeting youth unemployment in years 2014.