The Worlds Expensive Private Island Resort in The Philippines has Officially Opened for its Guests, Costing $100,000 (£76,800) Per Night

The world’s most expensive resort in Philippines has officially opened to guests, for $100,000 (£76,800) per night. This luxury resort in Philippines is located on the Banwa Private Island, which is located on the Palawan archipelago in the Philippines. This secluded paradise-like destination can accompany just 48 guests at a time, who will be housed in either one of six beach-front villas that come complete with a private jacuzzi deck and an infinity pool, or the garden suites.

The Banwa Private Island, brooding in the Palawan archipelago in the Philippines is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This island is one of the luxury resorts in the Philippines, which is regarded as the ‘last ecological frontier’ and is only approachable to the guests via a private jet, seaplane or a helicopter.

This hidden heavenly destination can only accommodate 48 guests at a time, who take abode in either of the six beach-front villas. Each villa boasts proudly of floor to ceiling windows, hot tub deck, an infinity pool, private Jacuzzi deck, and garden suites. Each room in each of the villas is meticulously crafted and designed by Manosa & Co. in collaboration with MAP HK and Aquos Group. Each room self-praising itself for its floor to ceiling windows, allowing the guests to enjoy and soak themselves in the view of the lush tropical landscapes, the shining crystal-like white sand on the beaches and the surrounding water encompassing the island, along with its waves hitting the shores. There is no doubt that this is one of the best resorts.

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  • Rejuvenate your mind and body while pampering your souls

It is also the ultimate place for the fitness enthusiasts to be where the meals are served in the open, while everyone can gaze at the stars and be a little closer to nature. Moreover, almost all the food which is served on the island is organically grown locally in the farms of the Banwa Private Island. The guests are offered the services of a capable nutritionist in order to curate perfectly balanced meal plans to monitor the health.

The resort makes it own organic honey. Apart from the honey and the vegetable which is organically grown onsite of the Banwa Island’s Farms, the fish is also caught locally from the surrounding Sulu Sea. Even though the premium wines are not listed in the resort rate, the wine list has wine bottles costing $36,000 each. The guests are welcome to indulge themselves in the unlimited spa treatments offered by the concierges on the island.

The guests can also get involved in a game of beach volleyball, a tennis match, or kayaking. They can also devour themselves in the clear blue waters of the Sulu Sea and spent time swimming and sunbathing afterwards. Apart from the above-mentioned activities, the guests can also go sailing or scuba diving in the island seawaters. The presence of an onsite marine specialist makes the stay all the more interesting allowing the guests to widely talk about the protective native animals like the Hawksbill Sea Turtles and the Tabon Birds, along with the local wildlife.

A trip to this promised land in the Philippines Resort is a vacation which offers health, peace of mind and rejoicing your soul.The website states that their island is a private place in the world where the wheels of the sands of time stop spinning. What is more welcoming about the island? It is its temperature which barely ever drops below 30-degree Celcius.

For the money you will be spending in this luxurious resort in the world, rest assured you will have the time of your life. This is one of the best resorts Philippines that does not only boasts its enchanting scenery and classy accommodation, but they also have a wide selection of dining and bar spots all over the island headed by renowned chefs. Plus, they have their own nutritionist that can be accessed by guests who want a personal meal plotted for them while on the island. What else do you need to have the perfect vacation?