The top three Do’s of Gift giving

Image Text 1: A Gift must be appropriate for the person receiving it.

Although gift giving is more appropriate on some specific occasions, festivals or anniversaries, presenting a gift have no fixed time. For example, one can always bring a gift returning from a trip, for family, friends or colleagues. While presenting is always a generous gesture, one must be careful enough not to end up with awkwardness due to the gift. Also, the gift should never become an eerie or bothersome for the person receiving it. Gifts are meant to be a lovely gesture, but not doing it in the right way might turn it offensive. Here are the top three thumb-rules for gift giving.

The Choice

What to gift is always the first question. The choice of gift must be always as per the receiver, not the giver. If you want to present a gift, think about what the person likes or would like. As a giver, you would not like your gift to end up in an old disposed cupboard in the attic or being re-gifted to someone else. Therefore, if you need nothing but appreciation, get only those presents, which the person is most likely to like.

Personalizing is impactful

The measure of happiness in a gift cannot be equated with the money someone paid for it. Price is never a factor, but it might backfire sometime. Be thoughtful while gifting and add a personal flavor instead. This is the reason handwritten notes has the greatest impact as a gift quote or wish. If you are presenting a photo frame, you might get one of the best images of the person from social media and frame it properly. Also, do not buy over expensive items all the time. Sometimes, it might be tough for people to accept them. If you want to buy experience as gifts, it is better to ask beforehand what the person would like.

Image Text 2: A personalized gift to a couple. This is certainly unforgettable.

Gifting Cash or Check? Never forget to write a note

Gifting money, shopping cards, checks is always worthwhile. Such gifts are always appreciated. The only etiquette to mind here is to add a note or a simple wish with it. Always write a message or a quote, even if the simplest one, on the envelop. Also, you might pack a sub-gift along with it, which need not to be expensive. For instance, if you are handing out an envelop of check or cash to someone, hand over a bouquet of flowers as well along with it.

Image Text 3: Always add a message with cash gifts.