The Top popular Sports among the Rich

There are some specific sports that attract the rich. The reason is not known but these are the sports that make people with golden spoon on their mouth to spend their precious time and enjoy the leisure. These sports might just not attract the rest. Here’s the list:

Horse Racing

The reason this sport is called the ‘Sport of Kings’ is because only kings could afford to participate in the game. People who are into the game treat horses better than jockeys. Means the expense on jockeys is lesser than that on horses. In 2008, the sport generated a worldwide market of around USD 115 Billion, being played much lesser than other popular sports like Football. Gambling on horse racing is exclusively for the ones who can afford it.

NASCAR A sport lets the players win $100,000,000 as prize money. It is a kind of evolution of horse racing. The cost of running a team would come up to $400,000 a week. The biggest expenses in the game are noted out as the engine and the driver. The cost of a single engine would amount to $100,000. The cost of running a race seems pretty unending as there are separate costs of maintenance for each part of the automobile. High profile drivers can notch up to $185,000 a week. The expense of running a single race could come up to $200,000. The numbers just brings a NASCAR investor into the Game of Money.

Yacht Racing

It is particularly for the rich, because, in the first place, you would need to have a powerful yacht to dive into the game. Such Yachts can cost up to million dollars leaving side the cost for maintenance and the team. The rich are all into sponsoring the games as well as the teams. To watch this game is exciting because the race is not between boats, it is between ships that can collide and turn upside down any moment.

Dog Fighting Dog Fighting is a sport that is illegal and it only allows the rich underdogs on board. The game is popular in crime syndicates of Russia and Italy. Commonly, an adrenaline for celebrities, the game also turns on the business class. This sport is primarily driven by a desire to defy law all consciously and run after an exclusive personal interest. It is beyond the realms of money because its stakeholders have more than enough to spend them free. Golf It is perhaps the most common of all. What make it an exclusive game for the rich -- are the special golf courses that allow only the members. These are maintained with high cost and members have to pay heftily for the privilege.