The Top Five Luxury Cuff Links

Modern Fashion connoisseurs for Men has all emphasized on the necessities of luxury Cufflinks in enhancing looks and personality. Cufflinks has been an effective way to add a style statement to manly fashion with the touch of refinement and luxury. In the business world this tiny fashion accessories are considered as an essential part of the formal attire. Dating back to the ages of Louis XIV, the proponent himself, cufflinks are being a status symbol and now, cufflinks have become a corporate culture. Gentlemen would find rather many options to go with when searching for the best cufflinks. Here are top pairs, quality wise, just to help with the choice:

The Two Tone Gold Clock Cuff Links

Presented by Steampunk, the two tone Gold Clock cuff links is a sophisticated assemblage. It is with vintage design watches that put its style above average fashion. The decorated watches flank roman numerals exposing the sheer intricacies of the design. It is for men who like to appreciate Time as money and its impressions on past, present and future. The cuff links also show the watch movements with brilliant brass gears, a gold winding and a golden gear plates.

White Gold Gents Diamond Cuff Links

The polished white Gold Diamond cuff links is composure of 14k white gold and studded with 54 pieces of diamonds. The round shapes of the diamond add sheer brilliance and simplistic design to the ensemble. It is a piece of jewelry for Men to put up to his status upfront. It is a symbol of richness and opulence adding a glare to the personality. The perpendicular cuts on the studded diamond are for visual attraction.

Royal Cord Black Diamond Cuff Links from David Yurman

These cuff links are presented by David Yurman’s Royal Cord collection. Yurman has been an icon in the fashion industry since four decades bringing on new designs and stunning pieces of jewelry for both men and women. The Black Diamond cuff links adds to the higher note of daytime fashion where the design and color would make a strong display. The luxury fashion brand has been producing intensive design with ingenious mix of precious stones and diamonds. The Royal Cord Black Diamond Cuff Links are naturally beautiful.

Solid White Gold Cuff links from Kiton Napoli

Kiton Napoli has been a top brand for decades in the high end market throughout the globe. The brand is famous in cities like Dubai, Tokyo, Beverly Hills and London, which are the primary money hubs of the world. These solid white gold cufflinks are the style statement for top business tycoons and corporate personalities. The box where these cuff links are presented is made of original alligator leathers. It is with solid 18 K gold and embedded with while diamonds. The base is made of polished black Titanium.

Tateossian Onyx

These cuff links are said to be the King of Cufflinks. These have the power to transform fashion to the conventional traits of modern luxury. These are not just ordinary cuff links; these are sophistications on the part of modern fashion of Men. It is with a Stud Set and is made of Gold, Diamond and Onyx. The luxury depicted by these accessories is unmatched with extraordinary extravagance.