The Top Etiquettes to follow while Yachting

Always follow the etiquettes while yachting for complete enjoyment.

Experiencing a yacht is all about feeling the beauty of blue seas and the solitude of being with family, friends and sometimes, with the self. Out there in the sea, things can be different and to enjoy a luxury yachting one need to follow several standard rules, even if they are not written. These are the most commonly followed etiquettes and breaking them could only lead to a faux pass, although it is said, what happens on yacht, remains on yacht.

Be respectful

Being respectful towards the crew, especially the captain, is most important. The captain is the first to enter the yacht and he is the last one to leave. Remember, you are only a visitor in the yacht and it is, in fact, their place. They know better about the sea as well as the vessel you are in.

Therefore, always listen to their advice and let them help you whenever required. Adequate coordination from every person is required while sailing on sea. Do not enter in their cabins or interfere in their personal space without approval. Also, be respectful towards other guests in the yacht. Try to avoid any habit or manner that annoys others. t is especially imperative while yachting.

Dark colored and red dress are avoided in a yacht.

Dress appropriately

There is a notion that dressing etiquette is not that important in a yacht. However, dress matters more than you think. The first aspect to take care is footwear. Remember, slippers you wear outside are strictly not allowed in a yacht. Always put away your slippers, wipe your feet in the small rug placed at the entrance and enter barefoot. There are special boots you may wear inside every yacht. Ask them and wear. This makes pedicure important while being on a yacht.

Traditionally, only light-colored dress is considered appropriate in a yacht. Colors like red and berry-red are not allowed in yacht. This is followed so strictly that even red wine and red berry is now allowed in most yachts.

Adequate care towards children and pets

While going yachting together along with kids, take proper precautions. Remember than the yacht crew is not responsible to take care of your children as they have designated duties. They will teach children how to play water sports, but do not consider them as babysitters. They are not responsible for your children if you leave them at yacht and visit the shores. When it comes to pets, dogs are not expected in a yacht. However, if the dog is very small and well behaved, its admission can be negotiated.

5% to 15% of the total yacht cost is considered as standard tipping amount.

Smoking and throwing garbage

In charter yachts, smoking is generally not allowed. However, most yachts allow it only on smoking zones and outside of the deck. If you want to smoke, ask the crew at first about their policies and rules on smoking. While smoking on deck, take enough care so that you don’t turn other guests to passive smokers. Many people take a yacht trip to skip pollution. Passive smoking is the last think they would expect in there. After smoking, don’t throw cigarette buds on the sea. The same rule applies for garbage. Never through garbage on sea. Always put them on garbage bins available in the yacht.


Although there are no fixed tipping rules, generally tipping is around 5% to 15% of the total value. If you don’t like to tip hand to hand, put it on an envelop and offer it to the captain. You may also tip some extra to individual crew member if you are satisfied personally. It is not an offense.