The Top 4 Dos and Don’ts for Dog Lovers

Dogs are the best pets. This makes dog ownership etiquettes interesting

The top Do’s and Don’ts of Dog Ownership Etiquettes

Owing a dog is a privilege, most of the times. Only a few can afford to own a dog. And again, fewer can own dogs in the decent manner those delicate pets deserve. There are certain etiquettes, which are to be followed as a dog owner. Dog are pets with specific personality. The best part of this pet is that they can be taught. Dogs are good learners of manners, behaviors as well as etiquettes. This makes learning etiquettes of dog ownership an interesting subject.


While going for a walk, always keep the dog on a leash. This is also a mandatory rule by the law in many places. Even if your dog might be well mannered, no one can ascertain when its mood might change, if provoked, knowingly or unknowingly. Also, an unleashed dog makes anyone uncomfortable. While passing other dogs in the park or while walking, always keep it close. Keep a watch on aggressions of both the dogs and only let them approach each other calmly.

 Allow your dog to mingle with other dogs only when their behaviors are friendly an unaggressive.

If you are taking the pet to a dog park, always ensure that you unleash it only in the area meant to do so. Also, take good care of its gusto or energy. It might run around too fast causing trouble for other dogs. Other dogs might chase it as a prey. Therefore, always supervise and monitor the dog during its entire time at the park.

While taking the dog to a restaurant, always check first with the manager. Not all restaurant allows dogs. Before entering the food-court, ensure that your dog is feed well and it is not hungry. This would avoid any embarrassment as you would not enjoy your dog starring at others while they eat. Keeping a food dispensing toy or a chew-bone is a good idea.

Ensure that you have feed your dog well before taking it along to a restaurant.

While travelling or letting your pet accompany at a hotel, always ensure that the place is pet friendly. Many hotels have policies against pets and canines. Carry all papers or documents related to vet or vaccinations along with you. This would save time and unnecessary hassles. Take care of the dog’s appearance throughout the entire journey. Pack adequate supplies for it including wipes, towels, stain remover as well as fragrance.


Don’t let your dog urinate on other’s property. A prime Don’t is not letting it pee at other’s lawn, tree or even walls. Also, while taking it for a walk, don’t allow it to jump on other dogs. Ensure these even while taking it to a dog park. Don’t let your pet bully other pets and settle their own fights. If you feel the dog is becoming moody, take them away from the place or try to make them occupy with other activities.

While at a restaurant, don’t allow your dog to bark and become a matter of annoyance. Don’t let it become excited because of food and their smell. If there is a commotion, better avoid the place and take your pet away. Another aspect is not allowing your dog to mark its territory in public places.

Always take permission of the hotel management before taking a dog in one.

While visiting a hotel, never leave your dog closed at your room alone without checking its behavior. A proper way to check it is to close the dog inside the room and walk down in the corridor pretending to go away. Wait for 10-15 minutes and check if it starts barking or whining inside. It is necessary to ensure that it knows you are leaving for a long stretch and not just for some minutes.

Never yell at your dog if it acts energetic and excited. If it licks or jumps at someone in excitement without their permission or gesture, always apologize. Also, don’t scare anyone telling your dog a threat. Don’t even say words like, “it does not bite”, it can have a negative impact.

Always take special care when your dog is around children or elderly persons.

Lastly, never take your dog to any party or to anybody’s home without a prior notice or approval. Many people are not comfortable with pets.

The canines are known as best friends of human and they are one of smartest animals. Dogs can save lives and they can be extremely intelligent. However, these pets are sensitive and emotional too. It is necessary to learn how to control their behavior and manners apart from a good understanding of their personality and moods. Always remain vigilant with this pet as it can bring both pleasure of pride or embarrassment.