The Tiger Woods powered NIKE Vapor Golf Club

Vapor-club-golf-Nike Unveiling the ground breaking design introduced as Modern Muscle, NIKE presented the three new Golf Clubs: Vapor Pro, Vapor Pro Combo and Vapor Speed. The Vapor family is inspired by the wear patterns of Golf Emperor Tiger Woods. The designs are characterized by play-on-gravity technology that has reinvented the unique style of Woods’ wears. Vapor Clubs are ingeniously designed for maximum impact pattern unique to that of the player. It highlights the pressure between the center and toe of the clubface. The tungsten plugs added to the toe of club moves its center of gravity from the heel to the center. Golf Maestro Tiger Woods assisted personally in designing the special clubs.

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They were tested for a year before released for consumers. The impact of the changed center of gravity was optimally felt in the balls as the difference of the wind response was clearly apparent. The new iron is positioned as a replacement of traditional blades in Vapor Pro. The same design is extended to Vapor Pro Combo and Vapor Speed Irons. image With the new design, the middle portion of the club face strikes the ball to produce the best results. Woods has described the effect as a “heavier hit” that creates a better trajectory of the ball when shot. This lest the ball to follow a precise line especially in windy conditions.

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The top shot player said that the shots with Vapor Pro were “more solid, more balanced and more consistent” than traditional tungsten loaded blades. The blades augmented precision of shots leading to better outcomes. RoryVaporDriver Vapor Pro Combo, on the other hand, had contributions from Rory Mcllroy. The specially designed clubs was used by the player in 2014 Open Championship at Royal Liverpool, which he won. The Vapor Pro Combo clubs are equipped with longer irons that assist faster ball speed and higher trajectory. Additionally, the longer irons help to attain more stability as it is with a forged chassis. The shorter iron of the club improves shots that needs strong trajectory. According to Mcllroy, the Vapor Pro clubs improved his performance. The retail price of the blades is suggested as $1,320 for Vapor Pro Combo, for Pro Irons, the tagged price is $1,200 and that for Speed Irons if $960. The Vapor Pro irons include a carbon steel forge, precision X3X grooves and thin top lines. The blade length is longer and the look is augmented with a low glare satin chrome finish.