The Three Top Private Jets Under USD 10 Million

There are a number of people who dream of owning the top private Jets in the world but only a few are able to manifest the dream. If you too are among the handful few, private jet charter flights are likely to be an everyday affair. Calling agents to check the availability of private jet charter flights and booking a charter plane, however, can be time-taking, and even annoying, if you are a frequent flyer.

Private jets are not only a travel facility. It is like a small world carried along with you wherever you go. Here are the three best Private Jets under 10 Million USD, which certainly carries the value for money tag. Embraer Phenom 100E

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This is one of the top private jets in the world that struck the market just two years ago. The successor to Phenom 100, it is an enhanced and well as more efficient version of the former. Landing performance of the flying machine is optimized with tweaked breaks and added spoilers. In this version, the optional features of the previous inventory are made standard. Other additional features are synthetic vision for the cockpit, extra thrust and 330-pound increase in useful load. The price stands at $4.2 million. The manufacturer has offered optimal options for clients to choose from 11 color schemes in interiors of the jet. The crushing speed is 447 mph and range is 1,355 miles. The space available is for five passengers in the cabin. Cessna Citation M2

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This luxury private Jet plane is priced at USD 4.7 million. The price is extremely reasonable for this eight-seat aircraft. This version is an enhanced form of Citation Mustang, the former version. The cockpit is designed for a single pilot. The flight deck includes high resolution, multifunction touch screen displays. The cabin area is 5 feet wide and 11 feet long. The areas are embellished with eight large windows and roomy adjustable seats. The machine is driven by two William FJ-44-1AP-21 jet engines. This ensures nonstop flight for more than 1,800 miles and speed of 465 mph. The Cessna Citation CJ3+

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This version of the Cessna features Garmin G3000 avionics. This module is imperative in reducing pilot workload. The price tag of USD 8.4 million is justified by the turbulence detecting radar system and the advanced terrain awareness warning system. The aircraft can house nine people in ultra-luxury seating arrangement. The maximum crushing speed is about 480 mph with a range of 2,400 miles for nonstop flights. The cabin also includes Wi-Fi and cabin management system.

Private jets for travelling are becoming more accessible and affordable through private jet charter. Most of us will probably never own something as amazing as our own luxury private jet. Many of us may never even be lucky enough to experience the ultimate comfort and luxury of traveling in such decadence and style. But looking at these amazing jets shouldn’t stop us from putting this on our wish list. At the very least, we can let our minds wander to a seat in a private jet. Even if we are sitting in an economy seat on a commercial flight.

Above mentioned are some of the top private Jets in the world you can get your hand on. Buying any of these planes not only saves you from the hassles of book private charter flights, but also ensure you arrive in style, wherever you go. For those who want to break new ground in the travel realm without breaking the bank, above is the list of most luxurious private jets in the world that cost less than $10 million.