The Super Writing Instrument, Luxury Pens from Styljoux

Weight-adjustment-mechanism For Iunal Guimali, creator of Styljoux, the brand is a culmination of his “passion for pens and micro mechanics.” Evidently, for his creation, which is amongst luxury pens in the world, the moniker of “Writing Instrument” is closer to its type. These pens with an expected price tag of 50,000 British Pound, will also feature sapphire. Transparent resin, steel, ceramic, carbon fiber and even titanium are used as constituent metals of these luxury pens. It is a boost to live a modern life in style.   The writing instruments come in two unique collection. The Le Calibre featuring weight adjustment mechanism and Flamingo, a classic integration of art and latest technology. The weight adjustment mechanism of Le Clibre makes possible it to personalize the pen for best writing comfort. The ring of the pen can be twisted to calibrate its weight. It changes the center of mass by moving a mass across its barrel. The mechanical chronometer at the base that indicates the relative weight is certainly a high point of attraction and ingenuity of the luxurious pen.

The craft to lock the cap highlights an ingenious mechanical schema. In fact, the cap is held in vacuum which uses extreme precision technology. The barrel slide into the cap without the need of screw or other mechanisms. The cap is made of a single block of metal. According to Guimali, the collection is developed to be a modular system.

Flamingo features a proximity alarm among its many other attractions. It has an invisible connection with your phone. The closing mechanism used is a unique combination of screw, push and vacuum. The clip can be fixed or hinged. This luxury pen is crafted for a fine classic feel. It is for people you are passionate about refinements. The piece is enough to befool one with its simple and plain look obscuring its intricacies. For Guimali, pen should not be old fashioned. The new collection have put forward the range to match up a lifestyle perfectly with modernity, art, technology and elegance.