The Most Outrageously Expensive Fitness Equipment’s in the World

Fitness equipment is big business. Every year billions of dollars is spent on gym memberships, home workout programs, and all kinds of weight benches and exercise machines.

While workout gear can be pricey, the following pieces of fitness equipment take expense to a whole new level. Each of these items costs several thousand dollars and many of them are even more expensive than that.

1. Punching Bag – $175,000

Karl Lagerfeld Designs a full-size punching bag complete with a storage trunk, a stand, a mat, and boxing gloves that retails for approximately $175,000, which is most expensive and luxurious “Punching Bag” ever for Louis Vuitton.

2. Hock Gold lofts 18-carat Golden Dumbbells – $108,000

The brand Hock exclusive, made-to-order Goldloft dumbbells are perfect for those looking for the ultimate in beautiful fitness equipment. Comprised of 100 percent grenadilla wood and finished in 18 karat yellow gold, these one- of- a- kind exclusive dumbbells is undoubtedly an asset to your private gym, as well as a rare collection to have. The set is handmade in Germany.

3. Vibro-Gym Diamond – $70,000

Vibro Gym is popular with celebrities and models as it only utilizes up to 60 percent of your muscles and in 10 minutes only it effectively stimulates the entire body. Its vibrating feature covers every muscle in the body. It is made in Germany. This is an expensive and fashionable fitness accessory dotted with 65,000 Crystallized Swarovski Elements encrusted into the equipment’s stainless steel vibration plate.

4. Hypoxi Trainers – $56,000

Dr. Norbert Egger developed the Hypoxi Trainer in the latter part of the 1990s. It is currently available in more than 40 countries around the world. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it simulates a wind tunnel. The device has been specifically designed to target the usual problem areas that are encountered by both men and women. These target areas include tummy fat, hips, thighs, butt and cellulite.

5. Quick Gym Range of Motion (ROM) Machine – $15,000

Do you believe that a workout lasting four minutes in a machine can help achieve a full training program for your cardio, resistance and flexibility? This Machine is actually a flywheel weighing 85 pounds with a centrifugal brake. Using this equipment for four minutes is supposed to be more than equal to a full workout training, as the machine will use 12 times more muscle cells than running or brisk walking. For those who want to actually experience the equipment, be prepared to shell out $2,500 for a mere trial of this fitness machine. If you later on decide to go on and purchase the equipment, you will have to pay an additional $12,500.

6. Cervelo s5 – $12,500

Cervelo continues to impress with its ultra-stiff and sensitive front end that slices through the wind. Cervelo brand well known for its aero bikes, and the new S5 is claimed to be around 5.5-watts quicker than its predecessor, which combined with increases in stiffness throughout make it sharp and always wanting to surge forward.

7. Expresso Fitness S3U Novo – $5,800

Expresso Fitness S3 Novo is a high-end exercise bike that features a whole host of luxury features for you to enjoy. The Expresso Fitness S3U Novo comes armed with a 19-inch monitor that allows you to manage your workouts. It also comes is equipped with “Expresso Live” which allows you to ride along with a variety of virtual tours.

In addition to all this, the Expresso Fitness S3U Novo lets you log in to a special online server and compete with other riders from all over the world.

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