The Most Luxurious 24K gold Coffee maker; a limited edition by Royal Paris

Royal Paris just unveiled a truly lavish, 24 karat gold coffee maker, but it comes at a cost. Price for The Royal Coffee Maker start at $18,000 and goes up to $35,000 for a custom piece.

Parisian sculptor Jean Rieutort designed the coffee maker with a siphon-style brewer and a Baccarat crystal carafe.

The 50-plus hours of handcrafting that goes into creating each siphon brewer and the finishing coat of gold, silver, or copper (your choice, of course) certainly suggests that yes, the Royal Coffee Maker will be sure to brew the most exquisite cup of coffee yet and with each coffee maker requiring hours of fine artisanal handicraft, meticulously worked on by French artists, sculptors, metallurgists and engineers, only six machines are created each month which makes the Royal Coffee Maker an incredibly exclusive collector’s piece.

Customers can choose from a gold, copper or silver finish, and lapis azurite, malachite, obsidian or mahogany for the base.

With this coffee maker, the art of brewing coffee turned into a ceremony. The ground coffee placed in a beautiful Baccarat crystal carafe, hot water then poured into the pot and the burner vase, lit. The fully automated system does its job, brewing the coffee in the crystal vase at the perfect temperature with no artificial filters, and no place for the aromatic oils to get away, resulting in a brewed coffee fit for kings.

According to the brand's press release, The Royal Coffee Maker is already popping up in the homes of celebrities and wealthy business executives.

However, if you’re a truly passionate caffeine addict with cash to splash, this could be the ultimate extravagant addition to your kitchen.

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