The Merchant of Venice released the new fragrance Imperial Emerald priced at 250EUR

The Italian luxury perfume brand, the Merchant of Venice has come with their recent innovation, the Imperial Emerald which is a breathtaking wonderful edition belonging to the Murano line. The red flacon is eye-catching and mesmerizing and is definitely a real glam dose to the editions of The Merchant of Venice.

The Merchant of Venice Imperial Emerald fragrance was launched at the beginning of June 2019 and undoubtedly steals the attention of all, especially those who are in love with fragrances and peacocks!

For, the entire elegant glass flacon of the fragrance is covered by peacock’s feather patterns which elegantly covers its outer packaging. Not just at the exterior, but the Imperial Emerald doesn’t fail to mesmerize its followers with its rich, joyful and opulent nuances of flowers, fruits, spices, and sensual powders. It does not just look attractive as a peacock but packs true beauty and glamour through its scents as well.

  • About Imperial Emerald:

The Imperial Emerald fragrance for women from The Merchant of Venice is undoubtedly the whoosh of a regal garment rendering the scent of timeless elegance. The fragrance takes its inspiration from the peacock, which is the most enhancing of all creatures. The bird also symbolizes beauty, longevity, love, pride, and luxury and has been the reason behind many legends and myths in all cultures. Peacock is known for its dazzling visual displays that are generated through its fan-like tail and has over the time gazes’ mortals and immortals and countless myths.

As a gesture of paying homage to the elegance of the Venice City and to explicit the wonder of the bird, this olfactory masterpiece is inspired by the emerald green and blue colours and pattern of the Peacock.

  • Composition of the fragrance:

The composition of the most expensive perfume in the world starts with a sparkling blend of mandarin and bergamot oranges that are spiced adequately with pink pepper. At the start the user is embraced by pleasant powdery nuances, leading to a rich floral heart composed of tuberose, ylang, opulent rose, lilies, lily of the valley and orange blossoms.

The base of the fragrance is creamy, balmy and warm owing to the blend of Vanilla, Amber, and white musk flavours. It is later touched by the earthy and deep accord of patchouli. According to its manufacturers, the fragrance will leave a long-lasting trail of the women who wish to leave her mark wherever she is, forever.

  • Cost of the fragrance:

The Imperial Emerald fragrance stands seventh in the line of the Murano exclusive each known for their extreme concentration of fragrances and significant olfactory signatures. The perfume was created by Jordi Fernandez whose mastermind is the reason behind this timeless fragrance.

This is regarded as the world’s most expensive perfume brand offering excellent olfactory experience. It is available as a 100 ml Eau de Parfum concentrate at the price of 250 EUR. It is available at the official website of The Merchant of Venice.