The India Luxury Expo to be held in Vizag in July 2 and 3

TILE, The India Luxury Expo is getting ready for a bash in Vizag on July 2 and 3. The expo would showcase a wide variety of luxury products from high-end brands at Hotel Novotel. So far around 40 stalls from diverse industry, ranging from Automobiles, Fashion and Jewellery are set up. Co-founder of TILE, Vishal Reddy, said that the city is among the top 10 richest Indian cities and it is "growing when it comes to the luxury market." He highlighted the fact that Vishakhapatnam is amongst the largest consumer of Marcedes. A number of top brands like Bentley and Volvo will be highlighted in the expo. Targeting the High Net Worth Individuals, the expo will also showcase the luxury Kitchen brand name Artdinox and Designer Jewellery from Neha Lulla. Around 1000 visitors are expected that includes the upper middle class. According to CEO, Karan Bhangay, the invitees have already arrived from cities like Vijayawada and Guntur.

Vizag is hosting the Expo for the first time since the inception of TILE. It is organized by Jukebox Media, the entertainment and lifestyle company. The Expo exclusively highlights a number of segments including Private Jets, Yachts, Cruises, Wines and Sprits, Jewellery, Perfumes and more. TILE already has footprints in the major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune and Chandigarh. The Indian luxury market is estimated to be about USD 14.6 billion and its growing annually at the rate of 14%. More than 1.50 lakh High Net Worth Individuals are supposed to be in the country and Indian consumers are spending more on luxury items.