The Foremost Brand Porsche Entices Developers; Introduces Data Cup Competition

Image credit: Porsche

The Porsche Data Cup allows developer teams to work with realistic vehicle data. By Luxury Daily News Service, German automaker Porsche is inviting developer teams from various companies to a competition on digital innovation.
“We are confident that we as a company can only benefit from so many new ideas and innovations. Previous competitions have proven that to be the case,” said Andy Grau, Innovation Manager at Porsche. “We want to further expand the Porsche ecosystem and are looking forward to collaborating with other companies to collectively shape the future with new apps and services.” he added.
Porsche is a German automobile manufacturer specialising in high-performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans. The company has always had a close relationship with, initially, the Volkswagen marque, and later, the Volkswagen Groups because the first Volkswagen Beetle was designed by Ferdinand Porsche. Porsche Connect Partner Services was developed to offer Porsche drivers a whole ecosystem of propped up services for their car.
“With Porsche Connect Partner Services, we are expanding our digital offering and providing customers with an enhanced Porsche experience,” said Manfred Wiedemann, Project Lead for Porsche Connect Partner Services.
Reverent Automakers like Tesla keep things simple during the vehicle build and price process, the online Porsche configurator oftentimes feels like it has endless options to choose from. That’s part of the appeal of the brand, of course, in that buyers have an incredible number of choices and can spec their vehicles to their exact liking.
Porsche configurator will render help choosing the right options thanks to its new artificial intelligence assistant tool it calls the Recommendation Assistant.
The tool isn’t terribly intrusive, however, and is simply a small blue lightbulb icon that appears in the bottom right-hand portion of the screen inside the configurator. When you click on it, the recommendation tool suggests which options are the best match for your personal preferences.