The Five mysteries of Malbork Castle, the largest castle in the World

Malbork Castle, located at the banks of Nogat river in Poland, is the largest castle in the world (Image Source: Wiki)

There are many castles around the world, but none is a large as the Castle of Teutonic Order in Malbork. Tourists and guides have also named this castle as “the largest pile of bricks in Europe”. This UNESCO World Heritage site was built in 13th century in the town of Malbork, Poland. In its early days, it was known as the Ordensburg fortress. It was built by the Teutonic Knights. They were the German Roman Catholic religious order of crusaders building the fortress at around 1280.

In more than six hundred years, the castle went thought several ownerships, standing tall as a silent witness to hundreds of events, that shaped history. Many mysteries surround this largest castle in the world. Here are five mysterious facts about the castle:

The cathedral at Malbork Castle. Each corner of the World Heritage Site is highly maintained. (Image Source: Sandalsand)

  1. The amazing lifespan of timber beneath the castle

The foundation of Malbork castle is made of wood. In fact, the whole structure stands on piles of pillars and poles inserted into sand. It was done to resist the continuous dampening of the sand by the nearby Nogat River. This was the same practice that Romans used to construct the city of Venice. Surprisingly, these timbers are in perfect condition since hundreds of years. It was only in 1950s when the first sign of disintegration appeared. The wood was in good condition throughout 670 years. This means, it has 20 times more resistance towards rotting than ordinary timber!

top tourist destination in  Europe

The statues of Teutonic knights still surviving at Malbork Castle. (Image Source: Imagine Poland)

  1. The 8 meters tall statue of Virgin Mary in the Castle was believed to cast ill omen on Poland

Inside the castle, there was a huge statue of Virgin Mary, with a proverb written as, “Pole is wise only after a harm”. This statue was believed to reveal strong ill omen. The statue was known for its hostility towards Poles or the Polish nation. It was an 8 meters tall stucco coated statue, placed in the eastern elevation of Holy Mother Mary church in the castle. It was believed the land this statue overlooks will always remain under German control. It was reason, it was destroyed during the World War II. Ultimately, Poland got its autonomy from Germany after the war. Now, there is a strong opinion that the statue should not be restored, as it might again affect the political balance in Europe.

World's largest palace

The area where the 8-meter-tall statue of Virgin Mary was erected

  1. The large Virgin Mary Statue in the castle has healing powers

Until the statue of Virgin Mary was destroyed, it was famous for its healing power part from the prophecy. There is a strong believe even in current times, that the place still exhibits healing power. At present, only the bay, where the statue stood exist. There are stories about a miraculous light coming out of the bay, which could heal disease and sickness. Mysteries surrounding Malbork castle are unending.

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Virgin Mary Statue in the castle

The location of Malbork Castle is believed to be ideal for UFOs

  1. UFO underneath Malbork Castle?

There are rumors about an underground UFO base underneath Malbork castle. As per experts, the castle is located in a perfect position that fulfill all the requirements for a probable UFO base. Its location in a center of old civilization as well as reports of UFO sightings near the castle; all corresponds and strengthen the believe of a possible UFO base underneath the castle. There are also famous images showing flying UFOs near the castle.

St. Mary’s Church in Malbork Castle

The Gothic styled entrance to St. Mary’s Church in Malbork Castle

  1. Malbork Castle is linked to Devil

There are various stories about devils being connected with the Malbork Castle. There are images of mediaeval devils in the castle. This is also related to the fact that devils and UFOs were regarded as connected. In mediaeval times devils meant some extraterrestrial power or creatures. Thus, the popular believe of an UFO base under the castle matches with its relation with devils. In the castle images of corbel are itched as flying UFOs. Corbel is a small figurine of devil, which is around 25 cm tall.

These mysterious facts surrounding Malbork Castle made it a top tourist destination in Europe. There are countless stories about flesh and blood surrounding this castle. There are several other interesting cases this castle, including murder of the last Teutonic Grand Master and the fact that the castle was never conquered. At present, the castle is maintained by National Heritage Board of Poland.

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