The First Five Cadillac facts you should know

Cadillac is more than just a luxury car. Owning a Cadillac is about a classy kinship that can echo to generations. The reason this car turned as an icon is because the brand a ground breaker in several technologies. Here are the five features that makes Cadillac introduced.

Cadillac is the first to create modern electrical headlight system

Car manufacturers tried out electric lights even before, but they could not succeed to find a working solution in early days. It was only in 1912 that Cadillac developed its own modern electric lamp system. This was a foolproof system which could be used both during rain and snow. Cadillac also introduced the first automatic low beam light. Before, it could be done only manually and one needed to step out of the car. However, Cadillac invented a lever-controlled system that allowed controlling the exterior lights from inside.

The first car with Electric starters

Earlier cars were with engine which required manual cranking. In the process, the motor had to be cranked physically until it can run on its own. It was in 1912, when Cadillac came up with an alternative version using a complete electrical system. The car brand used DELCO’s electric starter, which was invented in 1911. It was a groundbreaking development because, only after Cadillac other cars started adopting electric starters for commercial production.

Cadillac was the first car with a v16 engine

V16 engine are used in only a handful of high-end luxury cars. It has an extremely low vibration offering high smoothness. Cadillac introduced its first V16 engine, designed by Owen Nacker. Form January 1930 to 1940, Cadillac Series 452 exclusively featured these V16 engine. It was the best in those times when Cadillac introduced it.

Cadillac introduced first Night vision

Cadillac is the first car manufacturer to rollout worldwide production of automotive night vision in 2000. It was developed in partnership with Raytheon. Passive infrared sensor camera was used to display on windshield using a head up display. Latter, this system became a standard method to fit night vision in other cars.

Cadillac developed first curved glass windshield

Cadillac introduced the first curved glass windshield after World War II. Earlier, in 1930s, they came up with V-split windshield.