The Booming Event Market in China

The mass impact of online networking as well as social media are primarily facilitated by new luxury brands in China. This has boost shows and luxury events much more than in the industry posing as a separate vertical in the market. With luxury brands from multiple luxury sectors like Christie's, Lancôme, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Cartier, and Glamor the event industry in China is booming. Awareness about extravagance brands among Chinese buyers has built up a great deal in the previous couple of years. What's more, their interest for a more advanced and customized products are increasing exponentially. To host a luxury event in China one must be aware of the certain aspects of the market. Most of which is about the instances to mix up the band with their prospective consumers.

The display of showmanship in china must relate to its audience in a surprising manner. Hence, a brand must foray into the market with non conventional products. While attending these events, guest must feel the privilege. They must feel the unique aspect of the event.

Luxury events are now transformed into all-welcome type shows. The trend of inviting special guests is long gone. Furthermore, events are pushing further than just the physical presence of guests in the venues. Social media and digital presence of event is exclusive in bigger market like China. WeChat is more popular among Chinese masses. The word of mouth marketing can be of much help in such a market. Hence, brands must always go after the best experience creation at the venue to make an impression on guests in the event. The quality of services in the event is a crucial point of attraction. Digital and Media strategy should be at the forefront along with exclusive PR. China is on the way to become the luxury fashion market. Brands like Loius Vuitton, Chanel and Dior are aggressively foraying into the market and they are investing heavily to create customized experiences. Hence, fashion events will be a through a major boost in country. The most important point in hosting an event is posing the brand message in the correct way. When accomplished, sales and successes are certain in the vibrant market of China.